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VIP Ship

This ship is a VIP ship and can only be obtained if you own the VIP Gamepass.

The Galaxy is a VIP Miner-class ship and the 2nd best of its class.


The Galaxy is the 2nd largest, 3rd fastest harvesting (43 m3/s) and one of two Advanced Miner Class ships within the game (The other being a limited counterpart the Freedom Galaxy) with 2 Large Mining Lasers and 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers. It takes a minimum of about 2 minutes & 46 seconds to fill up its Ore Hold.


The interior of the Galaxy can be accessed via teleporter on the docking ramp. This will take players to a small room with three chairs. The center pilot's seat faces three screens. To the left of the door that teleports players back outside the ship is a polygonal wolf/bear graphic.


  • Has the 2nd most health out of all Miners, with 7500 Shield and Hull.
  • Has the 3rd highest mining rate with its 2 Large Mining Lasers and 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers.
  • Has the 2nd largest Ore Hold in the game, with an Ore Capacity of 8,000.
  • Has an explosion value of 300.
  • Can make up to 250K Credits per hour of Mining.


  • All Turrets are top-mounted, requiring the ship to be below or in front (at an angle) of Ores and Materials.
  • The most expensive build menu Miner, and a prime target for Pirates.
  • Huge, bulky, and slow, making it an easy target.
  • Aliens often attack Miners like the Galaxy.
  • Extremely expensive Uranium cost, a rare and expensive ore.


  • Don't mine during a War.
  • If you are mining in a Galaxy and you get ambushed by combat Ships or Aliens, your best bet would be to quickly get back to your Starbase and despawn. (Do not over-estimate the health of the Galaxy. Just because it has high health doesn't mean it has damage resistance)
  • Do not use this as a nuke. While the Galaxy is a good nuke ship, since it is very expensive, use the Orca instead.
  • Do not use this as a tank, it is not worth it.
  • Ideally only use this on a VIP Server.
  • The large mining lasers have a range of 6.5k and the advanced large mining lasers have 6k range
  • Beware of warp traps and dock blocks.

Version History

  • Disabled along with all other Advanced Ships (previously identified as Artifact Ships) in version .65a due to people cheating to get Artifacts.
  • Re-enabled in version .65b, but cost increased dramatically from 795,900 Credits to 2.5 million Credits.
  • Remodeled in version .66b
  • Remodeled in version .66k.
  • Permanently taken offsale in version .70b.
  • Shields and Hull reduced from 10000/10000 to 7500/7500 in version .71c.
  • 2 Large Mining Lasers replaced with 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers, ore hold decreased from 10000 to 9000, cargo hold decreased from 800 to 750 in version .72e1.
  • Ore hold slightly nerfed from 9000 to 8500 in version .72e4
  • Ore Hold nerfed from 8500 to 8000, Explosion Value nerfed from 600 to 300, and released on the build menu in version .73b1 and now requires VIP.


  • The Galaxy was previously the only non-Super Capital Advanced Ship that was constantly available; all others were part of a quest that changes monthly.
  • Alongside the Festive Wasp, Freedom Galaxy, and the Patriotic Rorqual (if you count the Patriotic Mining Lasers), the Galaxy is the fourth of its class to have Large Mining Lasers.
  • Used to eighth most expensive ship in the game.
  • jay4444444444, the same person to be the first to lose a Cyber Leviathan, was also the first person to lose a Galaxy (to an Alien).
  • Used to be the only Miner that must be bought from a ship quest requestor.
  • Based off the design of the Leviathan from Fractured Space.
  • Used to Cost 27,500 ROBUX to buy enough Credits.
  • It would take you 50 runs to afford the material of the Galaxy with an Orca, assuming that you can dump for 8,500 Credits.
  • Only gives $538,097 Credits if you sell it.
  • You can make more than 10,000 Credits per run with this ship, even with low Loyalty, and can make more than 12,000 Credits per run at 30% Loyalty.
  • If you have 20% Loyalty or more, you can start transfer dumping to make way more Credits than normal. With 30% Loyalty you make around 20-24K Credits.
  • You obtain 61 Score per dump in this vessel.
  • Shortly before the remodel that gave the Galaxy it's current model, the main part of the hull was removed by Confinium in a fit of rage after having been caught selling ships to players for Robux. This made it so that players had to teleport to the ship's controls due to 90% of the ship being gone.
  • The Galaxy was the most expensive miner ever until Freedom Galaxy came out, and even then it remains the most expensive non-event miner.
  • For a while, the Galaxy was made unobtainable as of .70a due to the mining/economy rebalance update. Any miner above the 6.5k ore hold limit including Galaxy and Freedom Galaxy were unobtainable and lost forever if destroyed, even if you submitted a refund request because of dockblocking, glitches, etc. During this time, most galaxies brave enough to mine in public servers were subsequently dock blocked.
The Previous model of the Galaxy