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The Galaxy is a VIP Miner-class ship and the 3rd best of its class.


The Galaxy is the 2nd largest, 3rd fastest harvesting (43 m3/s) and one of two Advanced Miner Class ships within the game (The other being a limited counterpart, the Freedom Galaxy) with 2 Large Mining Lasers and 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers. It takes a minimum of about 2 minutes & 46 seconds to fill up its Ore Hold.


The interior of the Galaxy can be accessed via teleporter on the docking ramp. This will take players to a small room with three chairs. The center pilot's seat faces three screens. To the left of the door that teleports players back outside the ship is a polygonal wolf/bear graphic.


  • Has the 3rd highest mining rate with its 2 Large Mining Lasers and 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers, first being Freedom Galaxy and second Woolly Mammoth.
  • Has the 2nd largest Ore Hold in the game, with an Ores Capacity of 8,000.
  • Can get around 200-300k Credits per hour mining on a Galaxy.
  • On 33 Loyalty you can make 30k Credits per dump.
  • Turrets have a long range.


  • All Turrets are top-mounted, requiring the ship to be below or in front (at an angle) of Ores and Materials.
  • The most expensive build menu VIP Miner, and a prime target for Pirates.
  • Huge, bulky, and slow, making it an easy target.
  • Aliens often attack Miners like the Galaxy.
  • Extremely expensive Uranium cost, a rare and expensive ore.
  • Extremely expensive if you do not have the VIP Gamepass, as the non-VIP quest costs 600 thousand credits and an additional 4 data shards, 2 antimatter shards, and 1 quantum core.
  • Has an explosion value of 300.


  • Don't mine during a War.
  • If you are mining in a Galaxy and you get ambushed by combat Ships or Aliens, your best bet at escape would be to quickly get retreat to the closest non-enemy Starbase or Planet (via warp) and despawn. (Do not over-estimate the health of the Galaxy. Just because it has high health doesn't mean you can simply ignore your enemies)
  • Do not use this as a nuke. This ship has a small explosion radius compared to it's price.
  • Do not use this as a tank, it is not worth it.
  • The mining lasers have a range of 6.5k. Additionally, you can utilize the various ship angles to have all of your turret's mining, this is due to the overwhelming length of the Galaxy.
  • Beware of warp traps and dock blocks.

Version History

  • Disabled along with all other Advanced Ships (previously identified as Artifact Ships) in version .65a due to people cheating to get Artifacts.
  • Re-enabled in version .65b, but cost increased dramatically from 795,900 Credits to 2.5 million Credits.
  • Remodeled in version .66b
  • Remodeled in version .66k.
  • Permanently taken off sale in version .70b.
  • Shields and Hull reduced from 10,000/10,000 to 7,500/7,500 in version .71c.
  • 2 Large Mining Lasers replaced with 2 Large Advanced Mining Lasers, ore hold decreased from 10000 to 9000, cargo hold decreased from 800 to 750 in version .72e1.
  • Ore hold slightly nerfed from 9000 to 8500 in version .72e4
  • Ore Hold nerfed from 8500 to 8000, Explosion Value nerfed from 600 to 300, and released on the build menu in version .73b1 and now requires VIP.
  • Non-VIP Quest added in version .75a5.
  • Non-VIP Quest removed in version .75a5, due to RC restrictions.
  • Shields and Hull reduced again from 7,500/7,500 to 6,000/5,000 in version .75a10.
  • Non-VIP quest reintroduced in version .75b14.


  • The Galaxy was previously the only non-Super Capital Advanced Ship that was constantly available; all others were part of a quest that changes monthly.
  • Alongside the Festive Wasp, Freedom Galaxy, and the Patriotic Rorqual (if you count the Patriotic Mining Lasers), the Galaxy is the fourth of its class to have Large Mining Lasers.
  • Used to be the eighth most expensive ship in the game.
  • jay4444444444, the same person to be the first to lose a Cyber Leviathan, was also the first person to lose a Galaxy (to an Alien).
  • Used to be the only Miner that must be bought from a ship quest requestor.
  • Based off the design of the Leviathan from Fractured Space.
  • Used to Cost 27,500 ROBUX to buy enough Credits.
  • It would take you 50 runs to afford the material of the Galaxy with an Orca, assuming that you can dump for 8,500 Credits.
  • Only gives $538,097 Credits if you sell it.
  • You can make more than 10,000 Credits per run with this ship, even with low Loyalty, and can make more than 12,000 Credits per run at 30% Loyalty.
  • If you have 20% Loyalty or more, you can start transfer dumping to make way more Credits than normal. With 30% Loyalty you make around 20-24K Credits.
  • You obtain 61 Score per dump in this vessel.
  • Shortly before the remodel that gave the Galaxy its current model, the main part of the hull was removed by Confinium in a fit of rage after having been caught selling ships to players for Robux[1]. This made it so that players had to teleport to the ship's controls due to 90% of the ship being gone.
  • The Galaxy was the most expensive miner ever until Freedom Galaxy came out, and even then, it remains the most expensive non-event miner.
  • For a while, the Galaxy was made unobtainable as of .70a due to the mining/economy rebalance update. Any miner above the 6.5k ore hold limit including Galaxy and Freedom Galaxy were unobtainable and lost forever if destroyed, even if you submitted a refund request because of dockblocking, glitches, etc. During this time, most galaxies brave enough to mine in public servers were subsequently dock blocked.
    • As of Feb. 18th, 2021, players may trade their Galaxy or Freedom Galaxy for other ships with a total value less than or equal to 90% of the :shipcost price of the Galaxy. This can be done in the Galaxy Discord in the #galaxy-exchanges channel(NOTE: The Galaxy Exchange channel is probably obsolete due to the Galaxy being available again).
    • When the Galaxy and Freedom Galaxy became obtainable again, those who had lost the former or the latter to dockblocking, glitches, bugs, etc., were unable to request a refund to have the ship added back to their inventory, due to a decision to not retroactively modify or accept new refunds for ships lost during the period where said ships were entirely unobtainable.
      • The above has changed since February 17th, 2023, as anyone who lost either ship illegitimately during the time that the ships were not refundable are eligible to have the ship refunded[2].
The Previous model of the Galaxy
A Galaxy Swarm (plus a Freedom Galaxy)