Galaxy Development

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Preview icon of the Galaxy Development Roblox place.

Galaxy Development is a more updated version of Galaxy that is used to test future ships or updates for the game. Access costs 1,000 Robux, and once inside, you start with 100,000 credits and 10% to 12% loyalty (depends on if you own the Galaxy VIP Gamepass or not). In this game, Galaxy Admins are allowed to give you any ship that is worth less than 250,000 credits, as well as many credits or as many materials as you want. Access to the game has been cheaper in the past, once being a measly 25 Robux, then being raised to 500 Robux, and then finally to the 1,000 Robux it is today. Please note that you are not entitled to obtaining ships in the development server, and that admins can freely kick you for bothering them. It may be possible that they can ban you. If you get kicked because there is an event active in dev, you will not be able to join until the event is over. This causes someone who has paid for galaxy dev to be unable to play on galaxy dev rather frequently.