Galaxy Private Servers

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

Galaxy VIP Servers


Galaxy Private Servers were private servers on Galaxy that required a direct invitation by link or by having a Roblox friend that owned one open to friends. It cost 100 Robux per month for the user to have a single private server. Additional servers would cost players 100 Robux per month. If the user did not have enough Robux to pay the next month, the server could not be used until the payment is sent again.

Private servers allowed easy money gain and a much lower risk of you losing your ships to pirating players. Aliens and Pirates still spawned on private servers, which was extremely dangerous if you were playing alone. It allowed a maximum of 50 players and the owner could name the server however they wish.

Before joining a Server

Before you enter one of these Private servers, make sure you have the setting shown in the image below is set to Everyone Priv.png

This setting can be found by scrolling down in this section.

Or else an error known as Error Code 524 will be shown when joining a server.

Discontinued Servers