Galaxy VIP Gamepass

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The Galaxy VIP Gamepass gets you inside the exclusive Galaxy VIP lounge, allows you to build VIP ships and more VIP exclusives in the future. It currently costs 365 Robux. Currently, only 9 ships require VIP to access them. When entering a server, a blue-colored message will show up saying "Galaxy [VIP] [name] has arrived!" (or "Galaxy [VIP|STEREO] [name] has arrived!" if the player has the Ship Stereo System Gamepass). The VIP pass also comes with a small tag above players' heads indicating that they are VIP (and a chat tag), it will say [VIP|STEREO] if the player has the Ship Stereo System Gamepass. VIP players start off with 3% loyalty when they join or create a faction. With the latest update, VIP players also get access to AI fighters.

Ships That Require VIP

Ships That Used to Require VIP