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The VIP Lounge is a lounge at the Mega Base which only people with the Galaxy VIP Gamepass can enter. As of a recent update, it is now mostly made of glass and is much more spacious than before. It also allows you to buy food and gear. These will be with you until you die, reset, or leave the game. Food and gear cost small amounts of credits.


The interior of the VIP Lounge is very spacious on the first floor. It has a fountain (which is often recolored to be blood-red during Halloween.), and 2 vendors, as well as a few tables. The second floor has many tables, as well as glass walls and floor in some areas to allow for observation of the Mega Base.

The third floor displays Staff portraits and can be accessed by any player (even Non-VIPs) through a ladder beside Terminal A of the Mega Base. This space has been used for some quest-based ships, including the recently released Heartbreaker.

Prior to Version .58a3

Prior to V.58a3, the VIP lounge was a smaller building. It had a red and white exterior and an interior similar to the Staff-Only ship, the Eclipse. Even before this update, the VIP lounge was an admin lounge.


  • The food vendor in the VIP Lounge sells for less than if you were to buy it from the Vending Machines.
  • Isn't commonly used as it serves barely any purpose.