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Galaxy Private Servers are private servers on Galaxy that require a direct invitation by link or by having a Roblox friend that owns one open to friends. It costs 100 Robux per month for the user to have a single private server. Additional servers will still cost players 100 Robux per month. If the user does not have enough Robux to pay the next month, the server cannot be used until the payment is sent again.

Private servers allow easy money gain and a much lower risk of you losing your ships to pirating players. Aliens and Pirates still spawn on private servers. It allows a max of 50 players and the owner can name the server however they wish.

Version History

  • Private server player count increased from 40 to 42 in version .66b
  • Server player count increased from 42 to 50 in version .72?

Open Private Server Links

Feel free to add your own!