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Galaxy Clans/Player Factions

This section of the formatting policy is for pages about Galaxy clans/player-controlled factions. Note that this should not be treated as a Formatting Policy for the lore-based factions.


This is the first section of the page. Here, you should list in-depth details about the clan (as well as a description), such as (but not limited to) how they operate (or in other words, how they play in-game), what they're known for, notable events in their history, date founded, and slogans to name a few. For an example, see the The Blackhawks page.


This section should include a gallery of images about the clan that give a visual insight to notable events in its history, or otherwise directly related images. Remember to use the <gallery> tag for image galleries on the page. To see an example, view this section of the Osiris Legion page.


Similar to any kind of page that has this section, add trivia related to the clan here. Please remember to read Trivia formatting for ships, as that gives a general idea of what is considered acceptable trivia on the page.