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Planet/Base Pages

Remember to view Do's and Don'ts on the main formatting policy page.

Top of Page

Reference Top of The Page (Notices and Information). Additionally, remember to give a brief description of the planet or base, similar as you would a ship.

Planet/Base Infobox

This is similar to the Ship Infobox Template, but also different. See the example on the template, and see existing planet and starbase pages to familiarize yourself with using the template, as well as getting an understanding of what the page should look like. Note that the tip about galleries in Ship Infobox section still applies to this infobox.

Planet/Base Description

Similar to ships; give a through, detailed description of the planet/base.

Planet/Base Appearance

Identical to the Ship Appearance section of the ship formatting policy, but planet/base-oriented.

Planet/Base Oddities

Describe anything like quests, events, lore, etc. that are directly related to the planet or base. Remember to use third level headings for each topic (including quests) discussed in the section. If there is also a page present that is related to the quest or topic title, hyperlink it in the section title. Quest sections on planet pages should have a brief description of the quest, and the same goes for other types of topics. Example:

=== Quest XX: Name === <--Note that "XX" is where you should put the Quest ID, while "Name" is where the quest name should go. Additionally, if there is a related quest page present, hyperlink it in the title like this: === [[<quest page name>|Quest XX: Name]] ===
Quest XX is found in the Y of <planet/base name>... (and so on). <--"Y" should be where the quest is on the planet or base.

Planet/Base Armament

In this section, please describe the defenses (if any) of the base or planet, most commonly the armament. If possible, explain ways to circumvent said defenses if there is any way to do so. Example: "Frion I, when fully upgraded, has a fearsome array of top-heavy, hard-hitting, and long range defenses; capable of dealing very high amounts of damage to any capital ship that is unfortunate enough to end up over the top of the planet. However, the strength of the defenses are weakest at defending the bottom angles of the planet; making almost the entirety of the defense armament easily circumvented by sieging the planet from below. The defense armament is also ill-suited for defending against fast and nimble ships, as it lacks point defense armament of any kind in its entirety."

Planet/Base Version History

Same as the Version History section of the ship formatting policy, but planet/base-oriented.

Planet/Base Gallery

Make use of the gallery class when creating an image gallery in this section of a planet/base page. Any mode you use the gallery class in is acceptable, but two commonly used ones are "slideshow" and "traditional" (the default mode). If you do not understand this, or need help with using galleries, please see the "Rendering a gallery of images" section of the MediaWiki Images Help page.

Planet/Base Trivia

Same as the Trivia section of the ship formatting policy.