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Galaxypedia Staff are editors of the Galaxypedia who have additional permissions, such as the ability to edit protected pages that normal editors cannot edit. Galaxypedia Staff can also change certain properties of the site itself. Galaxypedia Staff are not just glorified editors, but are a team of people who help to manage, moderate, maintenance, and update the Galaxypedia. Galaxypedia Staff is a very versatile role which accounts for a lot of different functions of the Galaxypedia. From monitoring activity and giving out bans to fending off bot attacks, the Galaxypedia Staff Team does it all.

When the staff team migrated from the Galaxy Wiki to the Galaxypedia, many changes were made to the staff team and how it functions. The main reason behind this is because when the Galaxypedia was made, Sean Morabito, the owner of the Galaxy Wiki, was replaced by Smallketchup82 who had different staff ethics and put more of an emphasis on minimizing the possibility of staff abuse. It's also because the Galaxypedia is its own website with its own ToS and Privacy Policy, which means that if staff abuse and end up breaching the Privacy Policy, there would be a lot of trouble trying to restore the Galaxypedia & recovering from damages caused by staff abuse.

Smallketchup82 is the one who runs the Galaxypedia and has access to the backend. Wingy also has access to the backend but usually only helps when an incident arises.

How to become a Galaxypedia Staff Member

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The best way of contacting Galaxypedia Staff is to join the Galaxypedia Discord Server and opening a ticket. If you are unable to do that for any reason, then please start a new discussion topic on the user page of a staff member.