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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

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The Galleon is a Pirate AI Dreadnought.


The Galleon is a Pirate boss ship. Its model is rotated 90 degrees to have its broadside face opponents at all times. As a result, the front of the ship itself never faces its target, despite having Spinals mounted on its nose. It is still capable of firing them if a target manages to get in front of the nose. It has a large focus on hull health and damage, and is rather powerful against single opponents if it has sufficient support from other Pirates.


The Galleon is mostly brown, with some more metallic coloring for some parts of the ship. It has a massive chunk of ore smashed into its fuselage, with a singular Turret mounted top of it. Its design somewhat resembles mid 20th century American streamlined locomotives and trainsets. Its model is also an Archived, Recolored version of the old Armageddon.


The Galleon is a broadside ship and will try to align its broadside to face you. It also will call in Pirate ships, similar to the Kodiak and other pirate bosses. It has a relatively strong nuke, at around 4k studs of blast radius and 1k damage.

It spawns every 70 minutes with no player count limit.


  • Avoid both the nose and the left side of the Galleon as its Spinals are mounted on those parts of the ship. It is also recommended to use hull breaker ships, as it is a hull tank with low shields. If there are few or no other pirates, the Galleon can be easily destroyed with a single long range Turret based ship.
  • Avoid using hull-tanking ships to fight the Galleon, as both the it and other Pirates deal high amounts of damage to hull. A high damaging shield tank such as the Lazarus is excellent for this purpose.
  • Alternatively, It can be brought to a Starbase or Planet to assist in killing it. This can help remove any other Pirates as well.
  • The Galleon is extremely weak to long range ships such as the Judgement. Use your Turrets at a distance, and warp away slightly if it catches up to you. It may take longer, but is effective if your ship can’t last long in heavy fire.


The Galleon drops 6 Plasma Batteries, 150 Armor Scraps, and 1200 Material Scraps. Attacking it solo can give over 30k Credits in combat rewards.

Version History

  • Added in .72f1
  • Disabled from spawning upon the release of the first part of Halloween 2021 for obvious reasons
  • Re-enabled from spawning in version .74b17, spawns every 54 minutes instead, with Armored Platings in the loot being changed to 150 Armor Scraps
  • Plasma Battery amount tripled (2 --> 6) in version .74b17
  • Disabled from spawning during Christmas 2021 event for obvious reasons, it was re-enabled a few days after the event ended
  • Disabled from spawning due to being replaced by 2 Pirate Waspinators during the April Fools event 2022 in version .75a9, This was later reverted after the conclusion of the event


  • Looks like an Emperor-class Battleship from Warhammer 40k.
  • Uses an old model of the Armageddon.
  • Due to the fact that broadsiding AI would require a different movement pattern, the Galleon's model is simply turned 90 degrees sideways, which makes warping and turning very strange looking.
  • Galleon destruction can be a useful way of earning credits, since Plasma Batteries can be used for Uranium at the Mega Base, or for Credits at Mega Base. 500 Armor Scraps can be turned in for 75000 credits, Depending on how much damage you deal you may get a good amount of Combat Rewards as well.
  • Galleon's AI is considered to be very dumb due to how easy it is to avoid his shots and how he wont move around as much as the other bosses