Gamma Pumpkin

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The Gamma Pumpkin is an item used by the player to make Event Ships during the Halloween Event 2020 in Galaxy During first part. The Gamma Pumpkins can cost as much as 4000 credits each, so they're incredibly valuable.

Halloween Event 2020

The Gamma Pumpkin is a special item used to make Event Ships like the Vampire X-R4. Is obtainable through destroying the Alien Serv, Alien Scourge, and Necromancer.

Ships that require Gamma Pumpkin to build.
Ship Amount Onsale
Vampire X-R4 15 No
Jupiter 250 No

Version History

  • Price heavily reduced from 3120 to 312 if you buy/sell it in version .69b5 (version .69b7 in Galaxy Arcade though)