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The Genesis is a heavily armed PvP/Support Battleship With unique broadside spinals.


The Genesis is a balanced Battleship with fair mobility and powerful weapons, making it great in combat with ships of its class. The only notable blindspot the Genesis has is at the rear. The ship itself is rather long with turrets placed along the top and bottom. Team-colored plating covers much of the top side, with various darker grey/black parts accenting the brighter colors.


The interior of the Genesis is a simple room with a blue panel sitting in front of the Pilot's seat.


  • Good turn speed for a Battleship.
  • Has easily redeemable blind spots, making it difficult to get an edge against it in battle.
  • Balanced health.
  • A good variety of turrets.


  • Relatively low top speed compared to other Battleships.
  • Vulnerable backside.
  • Somewhat weak against Fighters.
  • Falls to larger, more powerful ships such Dreadnoughts.
  • Weak explosion damage for a Battleship.
  • Broadside spinals can be hard to hit, unless you're experienced.
  • Very weak against most ships without the spinals.
  • Can be easily destroyed by even Battlecruisers in many situations.


  • One of the best Battleships for Pirating, as its turret firepower can destroy Ships before they can escape.
  • Use multiple Genesis' in a fleet to supply overwhelming turret firepower, even against Dreadnoughts.
  • If possible, make use of the Spinal weapons, as they are very powerful and can do a lot of Shield damage quickly.
  • Front-facing or broadside-facing angles may be most effective to maximize turret lines of sight.

Version History

  • Suspended temporarily for lag reduction tests.
  • Was unsuspended in version ???
  • Received two broadside Spinals in .65a5?
  • Light Laser replaced with Light Gatling Laser, Dual Medium Laser replaced with Point Defense Laser in version .66b.
  • Remodeled and buffed in version .66b—Shield increased from 3250 to 3750, Hull from 3000 to 4000, single Large Phaser replaced with 8 Medium Phasers, and turret loadout completely reworked.
  • Received a placeholder remodel and Spinals reduced from 8 broadside Medium Phasers to 4 frontal Medium Phasers in version .67c.
  • 1 Medium Phaser and 1 Triple Heavy Laser removed, Shield reduced to 3000 and Hull reduced to 3100 in version .69a1.
  • Top Speed reduced from 62 to 60, 1 Triple Heavy Laser changed to 1 Dual Medium Laser, 3 frontal Medium Phasers changed to 6 broadside Medium Phasers and received a remodel in version .69f.
  • Explosion size 75 ----> 300 .75a12


  • It used to be very weak with only one Heavy Laser, but after the Battleship rebalances in .???, the Genesis became a deadly adversary not to be underestimated.
  • Before the temporary suspension of this ship, it caused massive amounts of lag while spawned in.
  • The Genesis was once one of the most widely used Battleships in Galaxy, and is again very common in fleet battles in multiple servers.
  • One of its models was shared with the Behemoth, a Dreadnought that plays a PvP/Support role like the Genesis
  • Due to its old model being drawn from the Plagued Warship, the ship was nicknamed the "Unplagued Warship" by players.
  • Used to have a frontal teleporter, which allowed you to jump-despawn easily, but that was removed in the current remodel.
  • Lost almost 2000 total health when it was nerfed, in addition to very powerful turrets. This caused many players to move towards other meta ships, although the Genesis is still a very formidable ship.
  • The current Katana model is the Genesis's old model.
  • The Old Model from 2020 by LordMonkeyMonkey can be found on ThunderJimmy's Youtube Channel

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