Ghoul Nyx

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Ghoul Nyx is a slightly redesigned Nyx made for the Halloween Event 2017.


The Ghoul Nyx is the reskinned version of the Nyx made for the Halloween Event 2017, and carries 10 Spirits. It uses the original model of the Nyx with a different color scheme.


The interior of the Ghoul Nyx is the same as the original Nyx model: very empty apart from the pilot's seat and hangar.


  • Spirits have high firepower.
  • Monstrous total health of 30000 is only lower than the Prototype X-1 and Prototype X-2.
  • High Fighter count allows swarming of large ships.
  • Extremely high mobility for a ship of its size.


  • Colossal explosion size puts everyone in danger of taking heavy damage or having nearby ships and bases destroyed.
  • Can easily be destroyed by multiple Dreadnoughts if undefended.
  • Demands cooperation in order for a proper combat scenario to be effective.
  • A huge target for Pirates.
  • Was super expensive at the time, at a whopping $567,356 credits ($1,567,094.8 credits if you need to upgrade your warehouse).
  • Required a level 27 Warehouse.
  • Turrets have low damage output.
  • Mediocre Cargo Hold.


  • Always travel in a fleet to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Bait and Switch; warp into a dangerous zone, deploy the Spirits and then warp out of the zone leaving the Spirits to deal with whatever you wanted dealt with.
  • When at war with multiple factions, they will almost always gather a fleet with the purpose of defeating it. Never rely on the Ghoul Nyx's health to tank a fleet.

Version History

  • Received some buffs in .60d that boosted Shields by 375 and Hull by 400.
  • Received a few buffs in .64c that (probably) gave the Ghoul Nyx turrets and more health.
  • Shield increased from 14000 to 15000 in version .68d.
  • Top speed increased from 35 to 50 in version .70c, along with every other ship that has a top speed of lower than 50.
  • Health increased from 15k/14k to 16k/14.5k, interior re-added in version .73b3


  • This ship was the most expensive Ship in the game, up until the release of the Prototypes, and then the Osiris, and then Super Capitals.
  • Can go months at a time without being spawned.
  • The largest Halloween Event 2017 ship that was available.
  • There is a decal in the cockpit that states: GET OUT #Y#O#U#W#I#L#L#P#A#Y.
  • Has specialized Fighters, those being the Spirits.
  • One of the Event Ships that was brought back for the 2019 Black Friday sale.
  • Highest health out of all non-Super Capital Ships.