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The Gideon is a Turret-focused Cruiser.

Old Gideon Model


The Gideon is a low-cost, turret-focused cruiser with decent speed and maneuverability which makes it a good ship for escorting larger ships and fending off smaller ships such as frigates and fighters.


The interior contains a pilot's seat that you will see if you go through the entry door. Behind the pilot's seat, there's a very tiny passage leading to a double-seated sofa allowing you to transport 2 players. In front, there is a screen with "Oblivion" Written on it.


  • Low cost.
  • Great amount of turrets for a cruiser.
  • Decent speed and mobility.
  • Great Turret placement.
  • High health.
  • High speed allows it to get to blind spots easily.
  • Great ship for new players.


  • Not much in firepower.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Slower turn speed than most Cruisers.


  • Support fleets in battle.
  • Fend off smaller ships.
  • Harass Miners or Freighters, or other bigger, slower ships.
  • Destroy Dreadnoughts by teaming up with others.
  • Always rotate your ship so that all the weapons can aim at the enemy.
  • Good for killing Aliens.
  • Try and get underneath enemy ships as most of your Turrets are located on the top of the ship.

Version History

  • Buffed In Version .52, got 1 Flak Cannon and a mobility boost.
  • Nerfed in .54 with the removal of a light Laser Turret.
  • It got a remodel in .60d.
  • Recolored and gained a Light Gatling Laser in version .66b
  • 2 Light Flak Cannons -> 2 Light Autocannons .76d36


  • Before the game went into [BETA], the most used ship to Pirate with was the Gideon. It still remains somewhat popular in such a role.
  • Many experienced players call this the "Cobra-killer".
  • This ship used to have Spinals when first added.
  • Can fit three people, one in the pilot seat and two in the sofa in the back.
  • Model used to be slightly glitched
  • trypie9 loves this ship more than any player