Golden Viper

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Golden Viper is a limited reskin of the Viper released as a Destroyer during the Black Friday Event 2020.


The Golden Viper is, as the name suggests, a golden recolor of the Viper. Like the Patriotic Viper, it sports torpedoes with a unique mesh and trail at the front of the ship. According to the description of the ship, it is these torpedoes that give the ship its Destroyer classification.


For the most part, the Golden Viper has the same interior as its regular counterpart. That being said, it does feature some minor differences, such as a red metallic seat and a decal as the screen.



  • Unlike its regular counterpart, it is a Destroyer.
  • Very expensive for a ship of its class.
  • Much slower than the Viper, its regular counterpart.
  • Low shield, making it weaker to hull breakers.
  • The second torpedo is delayed after the first, which may throw off your aim.


  • Flex your wealth with this ship.
  • Try to avoid ships like the Mjolnheimr that are equipped for destroying small ships.
  • Use the long range of the torpedoes during a Siege or when swarming large ships.
  • Utilize the ships impressive speed for evasion.
  • While it can be devastating in swarms, it's probably not worth risking this ship unless if you're confident that you'll make it out alive.

Version History

  • Received a recolor in version .69e.


  • Its torpedoes are golden.
  • Was one of only two limited ships to be featured in the Black Friday Event 2020.
  • Only limited thus far to feature exclusively in a Black Friday event.
  • Prior to the recolor, its turbines uniquely had a reflective surface.
  • Was released again in the new "Limited Edition (Permits)" Build menu, in version .72f. It can be obtained for a E class permit (310k credits) + 264 Sillicate, 184 Carbon, 111 Iridium, 29 Adamantite, 27 Palladium, 26 Titanium, 26 Quantium, and 17Uranium