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The Grievion is a Battlecruiser designed for ship-to-ship combat.


The Grievion is a large Battlecruiser that has a total of eight Turrets. Two are Medium and six are Small. It is mostly grey in color with small faction colored marble pieces, most of which are currently stuck displaying as dark red.

The Grievion's latest model is notable for being much flatter than the original, but with an equally exposed underbelly. The ship has two large engine intakes visible on either side of the cockpit area. Its wings remain in the back and are similar to those of the original model. The top of the command room of the old model is where a Medium Railgun used to stand.


The Grievion's interior is split by a ramp up and a ramp down from the entryway. The ramp up and to the left leads to the bridge, while the ramp down and to the right leads to some small living quarters. The bridge has a tall, glowing cylinder with controls directly behind the pilot's seat, which itself has a glowing control panel. In front of the pilot's seat is a set of 3 cargo containers. The living quarters below the bridge has one bed and a small computer. Also, the top window can only be seen through on one side.


  • High firepower.
  • Great hull damage.
  • Good mobility.
  • Six Small Turrets and two Medium Turrets make great pest control.
  • Powerful Spinals similar to the Razor Wing.
  • Great at PvP, able to fight Battleships if the pilot is skilled enough.
  • Good all rounder.
  • Fairly cheap for a Battlecruiser.


  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Can be out-gunned by ships with superior armaments.


  • It can take down ships of the same class or below with ease, provided it is able to destroy the ship before it escapes.
  • A good choice of a pirate ship if needing Medium Turret firepower, although the Sixfold is generally better due to its higher mobility.
  • Use its high mobility to ensure that enemy ships cannot reach its exposed bottom.
  • Use your small and medium turrets to kill smaller ships. Or use your 8 small cannons to eat hull on bigger ships.

Version History

  • The Grievion was subject to a major nerf in .47. It had 1 Railgun and 8 Small Phasers removed, as well as a mobility nerf down from 155 / ? / 0.6.
  • Its Speed was further nerfed to 100 in a later version.
  • Received a remodel in .64c.


  • farterbotz, the Ex-Shipmaster, used it as a cautionary tale to nerf ships before actually adding them in.
  • There was a pumpkin on this ship for Halloween in 2016.
  • It was chosen as an event ship for the Halloween Event 2018 as the Pirated Grievion.
  • The classic grievion was available for a limited time during the retro event as the Retro Grievion.
Old Grievion Model.