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The Gryphon is a Cruiser with amazing mobility, suited for dog-fighting and pest control.


The Gryphon is a Cruiser with 3 Medium Flak Cannons. It is equipped with very high mobility unseen by many other Cruisers. This ship has a very futuristic design and well-built engines.


The Gryphon has a large bay door that opens to the inside of the ship. The main bay contains 12 faction-colored passenger chairs that players can sit in. The pilot's seat is rather small and in an elevated area compared to the rest of the seats.

The side ladder leads to the underside, with a small hallway leading to both ends of the ship. Between them, there is the interior, which has a bunk bed and a computer. There is a chair in front of the computer which you can sit in. Various images can be found on the monitor, and lots of notes can be found in or around the garbage bin next to it.



  • Very large for a Cruiser.   
  • Awkwardly placed Spinals make it hard to hit smaller ships up close.   
  • Out-gunned by higher class ships.
  • Relies on spinals for shield damage.


Version History

  • In version .65a6, its Dual Gatlings were replaced by Medium Flaks.
  • Max Shield and Hull increased from 700/925 to 1000/1000, Medium Flak Cannon count increased from 2 to 3 in version .65b
  • Gained a 3rd Medium Flak Cannon, a Light Flak Cannon and partshifting was fixed in version .72d


  • On the front of the previous model, there are bumps that appear to have been six tiny Spinals.
  • One of the only ships to be reskinned as an Admin ship.