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The Gunslinger is a powerful Cruiser that has rather unique Medium Cannons mounted on top of the ship.


The Gunslinger is a low-cost ship, good at supporting in attacking bases and defending against other ships as the Cannons deal massive damage. It comes at a cost though, as it is slow and not as maneuverable as most other Cruisers.


The interior of the Gunslinger is sparsely decorated. It only has a small pilot's seat in front with a few team-colored parts near it.


  • Decent durability.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Wreaks havoc on hull and anything you can hit with your Spinals.
  • Decent health for a Cruiser.
  • Cheap.
  • Amazing swarm ship.


  • Comparatively low Turret firepower.
  • Low damage against shield.
  • Vulnerable alone.
  • Rather large for a Cruiser.


  • Make maximum use of the spinal weapons which can do tons of damage if hitting a target.
  • A good choice for a beginner to help out in a siege.
  • Stay in a group of stronger ships and always be behind them when sieging so you won't take damage.
  • Defend your base by aiming at the bigger ships with your Spinals.

Version History

  • It received a minor remake to the model as well as the addition of 2 Light Flak Cannons in around versions .47 - .48.
  • Spinal barrel interval decreased from 0.5s to 0.1s in version .66b.
  • Cannon spinal size increased from Large to Huge in version .66b
  • Cannon spinal nerfed to 4 medium instead of 2 huge in version .66b
  • Received a remodel in .66b
  • Now has trails, Front turret no longer off centered .75a27


  • Some pilots call this a "Mini-Ridgebreaker". However, the old Ridgebreaker's Spinals are actually based on this ship.
  • It was remade once before being added into the game.
  • Ironically, it became more maneuverable, and the description of the ship has become outdated since the remodel.

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