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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Hailstorm is a Carrier from the 2019 Christmas Event.


The Hailstorm is a winter-themed Carrier from the first stage of the 2019 Christmas Event. It houses 4 unique Frostfires, which are powerful Fighters.


The interior is a small black box with several chairs, one being the pilot chair. There are also several icicles hanging down from the ceiling.


  • Powerful high accuracy Turrets allow it to fight ships of all sizes.
  • High health allows it to take a beating from enemy ships.
  • Has 4 Frostfires for Fighters that rival the Zhen, making them powerful for Fighters.
  • Has very high firepower for a carrier, allowing it to destroy other large Capital Ships without the assistance of its fighters.
  • Relatively cheap to equip all it's fighters with AI pilots, only costing 1000 robux without VIP.


  • Expensive for a Carrier, at a whopping $1,073,519 credits ($3,003,500 credits if you upgrade the warehouse from level 1 to level 33)
  • Is a Limited Ship, so it will make you a larger target.
  • Required a level 29 Warehouse to build when it was onsale.

Version History

  • Health increased from 7500/7500 to 11000/8500 and Medium Point Defense Lasers changed to Heavy variants in version .68d.
  • Health decreased back to 7500/7500 in version ???
  • Health increased from 7500/7500 to 11500/10500, Heavy Flak Cannons and Heavy Point Defense Lasers upgraded to their respective "Super" variants in version .73c10
  • Added 2 more Frostfire fighters.
  • Frostfire torpedo size downgraded from medium to small in version ???


  • Most expensive ship in the first stage of the Christmas Event 2019, and it is also the second most expensive of all Carriers, The first one being the Annihilator.
  • The first player to lose this ship was CVN83, after he lost connection next to a Level 4 Starbase. He escaped the base with just 31 Hull only to be killed moments later by DJFancehFeast's Zhen.
  • The most sought after ship of the event.
  • The design of the Hailstorm can be seen as an unintentional hybrid of multiple ships. The exterior looks to be a fusion between the remodeled Cyclops and Tempest Dreadnoughts. The Hailstorm also operates like the Icarus carrier bringing 4 unique fighters, the Frostfires are armed with 2 small torpedoes, 6 small phaser spinals, 2 light gatling cannons and lasers. It also has a nearly identical interior to the Hasatan battleship, with the only difference being ice and snow building up in the corners.