Halloween Event 2019

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


The 2019 Halloween Event started on Wednesday, October 15, and was presumed to run until November 15. This update fell under the larger version .66b and added several new ships and Halloween-themed decorations to the game.

Unlike past events, this year's featured multiple ships that were completely unique, rather than being reskins of existing models (with the exception of Plagued Warship, which is essentially a reskinned Katana model). These included the Astaroth, Demon, Hallow, Plagued Warship, Aberrant, Abaddon, Azreal, Lucifer, and the previously hidden event quest ship Erebus.

Swarmers and Punishers, as well as their lasers, were recolored to deep orange. Their loot was increased, especially in that Swarmers drop 75 Uranium, and Punishers drop 500–750.

The Mega Base received one of the most ambitious Halloween reskins yet, and Starbases received an impressive cosmetic interior buff. This included pumpkins, bats, streamers, text on the interior displays of the starbase, and even a graveyard in the fighter hangar.

It is also the first Halloween event to not have a boss, and the first not to use special Pumpkin items for ship construction.

Version History

  • Began on October 15
  • 16 October : Azreal DPS nerfed by 40% and Lucifer DPS Nerfed by 5%, Aberrant Fix, Swarmer pies and Punisher pies removed due to lag caused by them and Halloween Mega Base Added