Harvest Servitor

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


The Alien Harvest Servitor is a mini-boss ship added during the 2018 Halloween Event. It was similar in size to the Alien Punisher, but was more powerful on its own. It cannot call other Aliens like the Punisher can, making it a viable strategy to solo these ships for their loot. They would spawn alone or alongside the Harvest King. Servitors are recognized by their orange, punisher-sized symbol on the minimap. Servitors dropped two Space Pumpkins upon destruction, as well as various ores.


The Servitor was equipped with six Turrets. They were also equipped with around 3 Medium Cannons. This combination made them incredibly deadly against even the most balanced ships, especially bigger ships that the low-accuracy Turrets could easily hit.


Distractions with small, fast ships like the Viper and Draco were effective ways to draw or avoid Servitors' fire. Despite the laser's extreme rate of fire, the accuracy of all Turrets on the Servitor is nothing compared to the speed of a Viper or Draco. Even being as close as 2000-3000 studs away poses little danger to well-piloted Frigates.

Outside of using a simple and easy distraction ship, players may try to brute force the kill. Unfortunately, aside from Dreadnoughts, not many ships could withstand the full fire of a Servitor without having to retreat and heal. They could also use a Spinal-based ship to attack the servitor from a distance, the spinal based ship would constantly drift and fire while hoping not to get hit too many times. This strategy was best used with a Razor Wing.

Version History

  • Seat reversed in an unknown version. (it was backwards upon release, allowing it to use Spinals while moving away from the player)
  • Removed in an unknown version.