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The Harvester was the first Miner to ever have a Warp Drive.


The Harvester was the first Warp capable Miner in Galaxy.

It mines as fast as the Advanced Miner and Industrial Miner. Its total health of 1200 divides evenly between Hull and Shields (600/600). Takes a minimum of 120 seconds to fill up its Ore Hold.


The Harvester has no interior other than a simple pilot's seat set against a slanted gray wall.



  • Low health pool.
  • Small Ore Hold.
  • Slow Acceleration and Deceleration.
  • Aliens often target Miners.


  • Make sure to constantly check for hostile ships heading in your direction. Constantly check your Minimap.
  • Watch out if you're at War, you're likely to be ambushed.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base if you are at War and you aren't protected.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .56b.
  • Nerfed in an unknown version, losing 175 Cargo Hold.
  • As of .61i, its Mining Lasers now mine Ore as far as 3000 studs, the original distance of Medium Mining Lasers.
  • Received a buff in .64a? that upgraded its two Small Mining Lasers into 1 Medium Mining Laser.
  • Received a buff in .64f that added 2 Tiny Mining Lasers and upped its Ore Hold from 750 to 900.
  • Received a buff in .66b that buffed its 2 Tiny Mining Lasers to 2 Small Mining Lasers. Its speed also increased to 225 while also receiving a buff to its Ore Hold, making it 1150.
  • Buff reverted in .66b?: Ore Hold was 900, Cargo Hold was 90.
  • In an unknown version, its Ore Hold was buffed to 1000 and Cargo Hold was buffed to 100.


  • The creator of the ship once called for the ship to be renamed, but it was refused. Had he been successful, this ship would be known as the Flevyrion.
  • Brings in about 937 credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 1687 credits.
  • Has a cult following in the Galaxy Community (Harvesterism).
  • Was the first ever Miner to have a Warp Drive.
  • According to the U.N.E lore, an off-course Harvester discovered Aqueous ll.
  • The second of two Miners to have Tiny Mining Lasers, with the Wooly Mammoth being the first Miner to ever have Tiny Mining Lasers.
  • Was shadowed by the Hornet for a while, due to it being better in nearly all aspects.
  • Before it was buffed, it had only 2 Tiny Mining Lasers.
  • The largest Miner you can buy with a level one warehouse.