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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

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This article describes the NPC vessel. To see the player ship counterpart, see Widowmaker.

The Hearteater is a Pirate AI Super Capital (formerly a Battleship) released on February 14th, 2022; during the Valentine's Day 2022 Event.


The Hearteater is a Pirate-affiliated AI ship that ruthlessly shreds both the Shields and Hull of any ship if not attacked with care, due to its armament having very high damage output for a Battleship.


  • Given that this ship will significantly damage most ships that try to attack it (and will almost certainly destroy them if in swarms), try to fight them one at a time with a strong Dreadnought, Carrier(with AI Fighters), or Super Capital. Beware the fact that these ships are capable of calling all other Pirates present on the map.
  • Do not attempt to take out the Hearteaters if there is three or more of them with a ship. This is because a swarm of them are very dangerous, unless you know what you're doing and fielding a powerful ship with high alpha damage like the Prototype X-1, Astraeus or Judgement. Instead, deploy a Carrier(preferably one with many fighters) and use the Fighters to destroy the them.
  • If fighting one of these head-on by itself, ensure that you get close enough to force it to turn away and not be able to shoot its spinals at you.


For its power, the ship drops a measly loot of 3 Plasma Batteries; on top of no Combat Rewards due to the ship having no value.

Version History

  • Heartifact Accelerator turrets nerfed: loses two barrels, resulting in a reload rate reduction in version .75a5.
  • Disabled from spawning in an undocumented version.
  • Ship class upgraded from Battleship to Super Capital, and stats changed in an unknown version:
    • Health changed from 2,300 Shield and 4,500 Hull to 29,000 Shield and 29,000 Hull.
    • Top speed increased from 120 to 320, and Acceleration increased from 20 to 50.
    • Cargo Hold increased from 1 to 2500, and Explosion Radius value increased from 600 to 1244.
    • Armament changed:
      • 4 Heartifact AcceleratorL and 4 Heavy Heartifact Accelerator Turrets changed to 2 Siege Cannons, 4 Heavy Heartifact Lances, and 2 Heavy Heartifact Accelerators.
      • 6 Large Cannon spinals changed to 12 Huge Phasers and 12 Huge Cannons.


  • The first person to lose their ship to a Hearteater was BADZAMAN with his Draco.
  • Many players have lost large and expensive Capital Ships to this foe. This is certainly not an enemy to underestimate.