Holy Bible

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Admin-Only Ship

This ship is classified as an Admin Ship and can only be used by Galaxy Staff.
This ship class is unobtainable and can only be given via the :addship command.

The Holy Bible is an Admin ship and is one of the admin ships for Galaxy.


The Holy Bible is a small Admin class ship available to only Admins in Galaxy.


The Holy Bible has no interior.


  • Super high mobility.
  • High damage resistance. (90%)
  • Starbases and NPCs don't attack admin ships.


  • Has no weapons.
  • People are more likely to go after you because they want to destroy an Admin Ship.


  • Get other people to envy you.
  • Laugh at peasants.

Version History

  • No changes logged


  • The first Holy Bible to die was Jaxumi92's Holy Bible and it was killed by Sheepbuv's Maple Witch
  • Currently the Holy Bible's docking is broken and yet to be fixed.
  • Plays a loud "holy-like" ambiance while it's spawned.