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How To Play Galaxy

Getting started is easy! You are going to need to make some credits and gather materials to build some awesome new warships, freighters, and miners. You start with a small mining ship called the Wasp and a small freighter, the Wyrm. Stand near the center of a Starbase and click on the OPEN MENU button that appears near the bottom of your screen.

Next, click on 'Ship Menu' then, 'Spawn Ship', and select your Wasp. It will now dock at one of the many terminals in your Starbase. Take note which terminal it is arriving at and head that way (A message will appear in chat telling you which terminal your ship is docking at). When you have reached the correct terminal and see your Wasp, sit in the pilot seat. You can click anywhere on your screen to change the direction of your ship.

You can use the W key to start moving forward and also take note of the control keys at the bottom left of your screen. Look for a nearby asteroid (Ores) and fly there, leaving at most 4500 studs in between your ship and the Ores. Then, when you are close enough, click on the "Bottom Mining Laser" button, or press the number corresponding to it on your keyboard (used to quickly choose the Mining Lasers, as well as other Turrets), which you can find at the bottom of the screen, and select the square that highlights the Ores. Your Mining Laser will automatically start mining.

Once you have a full Ore Hold, return to your Starbase. Dock and walk into the Starbase, click on the OPEN MENU button like before and click the DUMP ORE button (gives you the Starbase's credits). Two options should pop up, both self-explanatory (for more detailed information on Mining, read the Mining page).

Once you get a decent amount of credits, you can start building new ships. Select the "Build Ship" menu at any base (preferably the Mega Base), select which ship you would like to build, note how much materials you will need, the cost of the ship and the Warehouse level of the ship. You can use the :cost command or the :info command to help you.

To get the materials needed you can either buy the Refined Ore from your Starbase, use a Wyrm to fly to the Mega Base, and transfer into your Warehouse, or buy the Refined Ores from the Mega Base that others have once sold there (usually the cheaper option). Once you have all the materials and the right amount of credits, you can click 'Build Ship' and it will then give you the ship.

Some ships can be only obtained from Quests or the Advanced Ship Computers. For more information on them, visit their pages.

If you still don't know what you are doing, you can watch some of the YouTube tutorials included below.

English Tutorials

Spanish Tutorial