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The Hunter is a Battlecruiser-Fighter hybrid carried by the Executioner.


The Hunter is a modified version of the Vansnova spawned by the Executioner carrier with no warp drive and a color scheme similar to the Executioner's.


Similar to the Vansnova, it has no interior


  • Has a very large health pool for a fighter.
  • Deals massive damage with its spinal-based weapons.
  • Combined with the Executioner, the combined DPS is insane.


  • Has no warp drive
  • Only spawns in its signature carrier, the Executioner.
  • Doesn't have any Turrets.
  • Large size for a fighter makes it easier to hit.
  • Is generally slower than other fighters.


  • Deal as much damage as possible while your carrier warps out.
  • Stay in battle for as long as possible, and nuke the fighter when your health gets low.

Version History

  • Buffed in an unknown version
  • Turret loadout changed: 1 Medium Cannon, 2 Light Lasers -> 2 Light Cannons, 2 Light Lasers .75a12


  • Carried by the Executioner carrier.
  • Classified as a fighter because it only spawns in a carrier, yet has stats that mirror the Vansnova Battlecruiser.