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The Hyron is a Battlecruiser that is focused more on details than combat.


The Hyron is a light Battlecruiser designed for research purposes and not for combat. It is used solely for taking down Swarmers or other light ships. It is defenseless against more substantial ships.


The interior is very unique; it is bright and heavenly with a huge white screen as a navigation system for the pilot to use. The display of the interior is quite small and not easy to fit in, but has a very nice polish of smooth edges and parts to make it look good.


  • Fast for its class.
  • Great against smaller ships.
  • Has decent health for its purpose.
  • Has no blind spots. No ship can evade at least one turret.
  • Cheap for its turret firepower.
  • One of the fastest Battlecruisers in the game.
  • Has good total turret DPS for a battlecruiser of 138.


  • DPS is more centered towards taking down light destroyers, frigates and fighters. Not great against larger ships.
  • No spinals.
  • Requires pinpoint maneuvering to aim all Turrets
  • Has a small Cargo Hold for a supposed research ship.


  • Do not use this ship head-on against a skilled pilot, especially if the opposing ship has spinals or is Battlecruiser-class and above.
  • Stay at a distance if you are not skilled with close-combat.
  • Use it as AA in a siege group.
  • When attacking ships, begin by angling downward from them to allow the Gatling Lasers to fire - then, when the opponent is hulled, angle upwards to allow the medium flak to hit.

Version History

  • No logged changes?


  • If you look closely at the screen in front of the pilot seat, you can see a picture of Jeff Bezos.