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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Hyron is a support AA Battlecruiser that is focused on shredding small ships.


The Hyron is a light, yet strong Battlecruiser. It is used solely for taking down Swarmers or other light ships. It is defenseless against more substantial ships.


The interior is very unique; it is bright and heavenly with a huge white screen as a navigation system for the pilot to use. The display of the interior is quite small and not easy to fit in, but has a very nice polish of smooth edges and parts to make it look good.


  • Fast for its class.
  • Great against smaller ships.
  • Has decent health for its purpose.
  • Has no blind spots. No ship can evade at least one turret.
  • Cheap for its turret firepower.
  • One of the fastest Battlecruisers in the game.
  • Has good total turret DPS for a battlecruiser of 138.


  • DPS is more centered towards taking down light destroyers, frigates and fighters. Not great against larger ships.
  • Requires pinpoint maneuvering to aim all Turrets
  • Has a small Cargo Hold for a supposed research ship.


  • Do not use this ship head-on against a skilled pilot, especially if the opposing ship has spinals or is Battlecruiser-class and above.
  • Stay at a distance if you are not skilled with close-combat.
  • Use it as AA in a siege group, just one AA ship ( like the Hyron ) can go a long way.
  • When attacking ships, begin by angling downward from them to allow the Gatling Lasers to fire - then, when the opponent is hulled, angle upwards to allow the medium flak to hit.

Version History

  • No logged changes? (Its off sale why is it not fixed yet?)


  • If you look closely at the screen in front of the pilot seat, you can see a picture of Jeff Bezos.