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The Icarus is a large, combat-based, defensive Carrier


The Icarus is a large-sized carrier with very good combat capabilities. With its Turrets and 3 Valkyries, the Icarus is a powerful combat-based Carrier. Unlike most Carriers, it has very good Turret firepower and can fight against a variety of ships, ranging from small Frigates to large Battleships. It may even destroy Dreadnoughts without much trouble, though this requires Fighter support and skill.


The ship is entered through the Fighter bay, which leads to a teleporter that sends you to the bridge. From there you walk forward to enter the pilot's seat.


  • Powerful on its own, without the need of any Fighters.
  • Good Health.
  • Has powerful Fighters, which have high Spinal firepower.
  • Equipping all fighters with AI pilots is relatively cheap, costing only 750 robux to fill them all with VIP.
  • Useful for quickly taking down Capital ships with the high DPS of the ship and fighters combined.
  • Can easily destroy AI enemies by distracting them with fighters and using turrets for the rest.


  • Low maneuverability.
  • Only has 3 Fighters.
  • Expensive.
  • Medium-sized blind spot at the rear of the ship.
  • Small ships can enter the fighter bay.
  • Large blindspot underneath the ship


  • Don't go into battle alone as multiple strong ships can overwhelm it. Make sure to have an escort and pick fights carefully.
  • Know how to pilot this kind of ship and bring Fighter pilots before entering combat.
  • Make sure to approach from below so your Turrets can be used.
  • With having Valkyrie fighters, it is beneficial to take advantage of them as they have great DPS and speed.

Version History

  • Most of the interior was removed in an unknown version.
  • Received a Turret loadout rework, a health buff, switch of Fighters, and a Cargo Hold buff in .65b.
  • The model became seriously bugged after the .66c update, resulting in major problems and making the ship near unusable.
  • Received a remodel in version .68b.
  • Health increased from 6500/5250 to 8500/8000 in version .68d.
  • Loadout changed from 1 Dual Medium Laser, 5 Dual Medium Cannons, 2 Triple Heavy Lasers, 1 Heavy Cannon to 3 Triple Medium lasers, 1 Triple Heavy Cannon, 2 Triple Heavy Lasers, 3 Triple medium cannons in version .73a3.
  • Turret loadout changed from 3 Triple Medium Lasers, 1 Triple Heavy Cannon, 2 Triple Heavy Lasers, and 3 Triple Medium Cannons to 1 Super LR Laser, 1 Heavy Siege Railgun, 1 Capital Triple Cannon, 2 Super PDLs, 2 Capital Triple Lasers, and 2 Super Flak Cannons, turret placement adjusted to improve line-of-sight, 2 Valkyries changed to 3 Valkyries, and Health pool adjusted to 9,000/7,250 Shield/Hull HP respectively in version .75a5.
  • 2 Super PDLs replaced with 2 Medium Siege Railguns in version .75a5.


  • The previous model was most likely based on the Republic Venator attack cruiser from Star Wars.
  • This ship is often considered a Dreadnought-Carrier hybrid because it has more firepower than most Battleships do, but also carries some Fighters.
  • This ship's namesake has significance in Greek mythology.
Old Icarus Model