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The Icefyre is a Fighter unique to the Blizzard.


The Icefyre is a Fighter with both shieldbreaking capabilities and long range.


The Icefyre has a flat profile with the appearance similar to that of a marine creature, It has a pale blue body with grey and neon-blue accents lining the exterior and its wings. Its torpedo has a unique model in the shape of a ❄️.

Icefyre's torpedo


  • Extremely powerful spinals, equal to the Zhen and high DPS for a fighter, with a DPS of 172
  • Extremely fast and agile for a fighter with a top speed of 250 and a turn speed of 0.75.
  • Can engage Starbases at an extremely long range of 10000 Studs thanks to its 1 Medium Torpedo.
  • Can drift at high speeds because of the 90% Drift Percentage for Fighter-class ships.


  • Non-existent Damage Resistance of 0%
  • Can be easily destroyed by AA Ships.


  • This Fighter is best used in a swarm. Attack the enemy with high speed and with its high shield damage, a swarm will bring enemy ships to Hull quickly, then try to finish it off with its Medium Torpedoes.
  • Can provide useful siege support due to it carrying a Medium Torpedo.
  • Utilize drifting and hit-and-run tactic to survive as long as possible while dealing the maximum amount of damage.
  • Use the ship's high maneuverability to get into the blind spots of larger ships and deal heavy spinal damage.

Version History

  • 6 Small Phasers upsized to 6 Medium Phasers in an unknown version (only revealed in-game).
  • Acceleration reduced from 70 to 50 in an unknown version (only revealed in-game).
  • Remodeled in version and gains 1 Medium Torpedo with custom reload .75a37.


  • Replaced the Dragonflies that used to be found in the Blizzard.
  • Has a uniquely shaped Medium Torpedo that has the shape of a ❄️.