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The Saturn is an affordable Miner class ship with two Medium Mining Lasers.


The Saturn has the sixth-quickest mining speed out of all standard Mining ships in the game due to its two Medium Mining Lasers. The ship has low health, only being able to withstand a few hits from Medium and Heavy weapons before being destroyed. Physically, the ship has four main thrusters behind the bridge, four large containers for Ores, and a tapered front end resembling an old model of the Advanced Miner. It takes a minimum of 150 seconds to fill up its hold.


The Saturn interior consists only of a short, yellow and gray hallway separated from the pilot's seat by a team-colored "door." The pilot's seat is about as tall as the player, black and gray in color, and faces an empty, gray room.


  • Sixth fastest mining speed in the game.
  • Sixth largest Ores hold in the game.
  • The two Medium Mining Lasers have a range of 5500 studs, the same as the Rorqual.
  • Affordable.



  • Check if any enemies are coming every 30 seconds, either by looking around or on the Minimap.
  • Always mine in a peaceful faction to ensure safe Mining.
  • If in a War, check enemy locations every 30 seconds to avoid destruction of your Ship.
  • If an Alien ship or an enemy ship is approaching you, head back to base.
  • If an Alien ship is targeting your Starbase while you are mining, stay where you are.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base during War, especially without protection.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .56b.
  • Received a buff that increased its mining range by 50%.
  • Received a buff in .61e4 that doubled the ship's health and added some damage resistance.
  • .61h1? - Warp Drive added.
  • Received another remodel in version .65a.
  • Was remodeled and renamed from “Industrial Miner” in 77b5.


  • It takes the Saturn about 2.5 minutes to get a full Ore Hold of Silicate.
  • Brings in about 1875 Credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 3375.
  • Used to be the biggest Miner, before the Rorqual, Mammoth, and Orca came.
  • A top pick for new players because of its low cost and high credit output as it will out pay its cost in 3 runs.
  • Used to be called the "Industrial Miner" and had a nicknamed called "Ind Miner".