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The Inflictor is a Fighter that was added as a replacement for the Rapture's Frenzy.


The Inflictor is a fighter ship from the carrier Rapture, it is the only fighter in its class to have torpedoes as one of its spinals (except limited class carriers).


No interior per small design.


The ship is thin and long resembling the shape of a > shaped fish with a dark blue colour and light blue eye.


  • Fast.
  • High theoretical dps.
  • Good hp.
  • Slim
  • Good acceleration.


  • Torpedoes are slow and hard for the AI to aim.
  • Somewhat sluggish agility.
  • Expensive.


  • Swarm them.

Version History

  • Its torpedoes and phasers became small as of 02/12/2022.
  • Its hp and speed was buffed as of 02/05/2022.


  • First introduced in 2018 but was not used by developers. Only until 2022 where developer teentitansgohomee replaced the Rapture's frenzy's for the inflictors.