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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Interceptor was the first Fighter to have a Turret instead of spinal weaponry.


The Interceptor previously spawned on the Nimitz and is one of few fighters that spawn with a Turret instead of spinal weaponry. The Interceptor can spawn with either a Medium Laser (S) or a Medium Flak Cannon (H). Currently it does not spawn in game normally, with the 13 Interceptors normally spawning on the Nimitz bring replaced by 3 Instigators, 3 Interceptor H-s, and 7 Foxfires.


Like all fighter class ships, the Interceptor has little in the way of an interior.


  • It has a Turret, unlike most Fighters.
  • Can quickly overwhelm ships in numbers.
  • In large numbers, the amount of turrets of the combined forces can overwhelm other ships.
  • It has decent health for a Fighter,
  • Moderately accurate turrets allow the ship to combat moth large and small ships.



  • Make sure your team is in a bunch of these and aim at the same ship.
  • Always go under a ship.
  • Swarming with all Fighters from Nimitz creates huge damage comparable to a Battlecruiser or some Battleships.
  • Good for warding off enemy scouts. Additionally, it can defend from Aliens when no one else is available.

Version History

  • Small Flak Cannon replaced with Medium Flak Cannon / Light Laser replaced with Medium Laser in .61g.


  • These two Fighters originally spawned in the Nimitz.
  • Previously the only fighter to spawn in level 3 Starbases. This was changed in a sub-version of update .61 that changed the Starbase design.
  • Both S and H are the only Fighters to have a flag.
  • American flags on the nose of the fighters pay homage to the US supercarrier from which the Interceptors' carrier, the Nimitz, gets its name.
  • No longer spawns in game after being replaced by 3 new fighter types on the Nimitz.