Interceptor F

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The Interceptor F is a Fighter that spawns on the Nimitz.


The Interceptor F is a light and nimble fighter which is an annoyance alone, but can be deadly in a swarm.


The Interceptor F is a small fighter with a unique shape that looks like an aquatic creature, consisting of most notable feature of this ship is the two large barrels on each end of its wings, which is where its spinals shoot from. Like the Instigator, the rear end of the ship rises up a bit, which is where its Light Cannon sits.

The Interceptor F's interior is so small that the user cannot even fit completely inside the cockpit. It consists only of a simple pilot's seat and some neon lights.


  • The combination of its high Top Speed and its flat size makes it a nightmare to hit, even with lighter weapons.
  • Balanced Shield and Hull damage.
  • One of the few fighters with a Turret.


  • Extremely low health and non-existent Damage Resistance of 0%.


  • Annoy larger ships with your powerful Spinal weaponry while also dodging their incoming attacks with your high Top Speed.
  • This Fighter is best used in a swarm. Attack the enemy with high speed and with its high shield damage, a swarm will bring enemy ships to Hull quickly.

Version History

  • Removed from the Nimitz in an unknown version.
  • Nimitz remodel reverted, making this ship playable again in an unknown version.