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The Invictus is a Cruiser class ship with massive hull.


The Invictus is armed with Five Light Lasers and 2 Medium Phasers. It has a total health pool of 2600, rivaling Battlecruisers in health. The Invictus has slow acceleration.


The interior is simple, being composed of only the pilot seat that has a joystick and a single passenger seat behind it.


  • Highest health of all Cruisers.
  • Great against Shields and shield breakers.
  • No blind spots.
  • Large cargo hold for a Cruiser.
  • Great for support.


  • Slow acceleration for a Cruiser.
  • Expensive for a Cruiser despite needing only a level 1 Warehouse.
  • Has no kinetic weaponry, making it hard to damage Hull.
  • Cannot focus all Turrets on a target at once unless facing directly away/towards the target.
  • Weak shields compared to Hull, and very weak to hull breakers.


  • Excellent choice if you want to hunt down the Cobra since it has high Hull, speed, and anti-shield firepower.
  • Use as support for ships that lack Shield-damaging firepower.
  • In PVP, always make sure you are exploiting the enemy's blind spot.
  • Try this when sieging a level 1 Starbase since its high Hull won't suffer under the intense laser fire. Once the base is hulled, switch this ship out for a hull-breaker.
  • Great for harassing the Lazarus, a ship with high Shields and low Hull.
  • A swarm of these could be used as a perfect counter to the Zeus, since they are good ad breaking shields and being sturdy against shield breakers.

Version History

  • Max Hull increased from 1300 to 2000 in version .65b
  • Was remodeled in version .66b


Old Invictus model