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The Judgement is a Shield-oriented Dreadnought.


The Judgement is a powerful Dreadnought that deals high long-range Turret damage and has massive Shield health, making it great for Starbase defense.


A teleporter at the back of the ship leads you to the bridge of the ship. The bridge consists of a small box with a seat on the floor, with no further interior.


  • The highest total health out of all non-limited ships, at a whopping 15,000.
  • Equipped with heavy-hitting, long-range turrets that allow it to deal damage while hunkered back among a fleet.


  • Low Hull health makes it incredibly weak to anti-shield weaponry, putting it lower than all Dreadnoughts except the Lazarus.
  • No spinals.
  • Very sluggish.
  • Has significant blindspots under and behind the ship, allowing ships even the size of Dreadnoughts to avoid turret fire from the Judgement.
  • Extremely large, allowing even very inaccurate turrets and spinals to hit with ease.
  • Has the lowest DPS of any Dreadnought, being lower than some Battlecruisers and Cruisers. This severely hampers the ship's ability to compete against other capital ships in a battle, not to mention giving it abhorrent damage output against Starbases in sieges.
  • Fails to hit anything smaller or faster than a Battlecruiser due to having very inaccurate turrets that have long reload times.
  • Despite the fact that the turrets are heavy-hitting, the Hull alpha is rather lacking and that anything at the class of Battlecruiser or above has significant damage resistance; and as such struggles to destroy nearly every Capital Ship, and even some Battlecruisers.
  • Due to most of its health being Shield-based, this ship struggles to tank Starbases from below, where a Starbase's turrets have the least lines of sight but also where the starbase's heavy laser armament is focused. This makes the Judgement worse for using as a tank in sieges than almost any other Dreadnought, most of which have high Hull health or a good balance between Hull and Shield health.
  • On paper the Judgement looks decent for use as a siege ship, but the pea-shooter-like damage output (even with the decent alpha damage), lack of ability to outrange most Starbases, and focus on Shield HP makes this not the best ship to use for Sieging, not to mention being essentially useless for purposes outside of that.
  • Rather expensive for a Dreadnought, being the sixth most expensive build menu dreadnought.


  • This ship can tank most other Capital Ships without worrying since very few can do enough damage to break its shields.
  • Avoid heavy shield breakers, especially the Sagittarius or Jupiter.
  • Try using this to counter Sieges from the starbase with its long-range weapons rather than using this for actual PvP.
  • Watch out for Pirates that may attempt to attack your ship after a siege.
  • Can be useful against the Decimator with its high shield, but be careful, as being hulled while fighting the Decimator can be a death sentence. Unless you have another Capital Ship to support or rescue you, trying to use this ship against a Decimator alone can easily result in failure.
  • Get under starbases and open fire on them to slowly drain the health away, and tank incoming fire so other ships in your fleet can open fire on the starbase.
  • If your Shields get low, it is recommended to retreat to your strongest Starbase, as enemies will likely dive you, especially if you are hulled.
  • If you must use a Judgement, always try to use it in a group of at least two or more of the same ship.

Version History

  • Hull increased from 2000 to 2500 and Turn Speed increased from 0.08 to 0.1 in .65b.
  • Shield increased from 12000 to 14500, Hull increased from 2500 to 3000, granted a third Heavy Railgun and Turn Speed reduced from 0.1 to 0.07 in version .65b
  • Nerfed in version .66b - Shield reduced from 14500 to 12500, turn speed reduced from 0.07 to 0.04.
  • Replaced Heavy Lasers with Heavy LR in version .66b
  • Price lowered in version .66b
  • Turret loadout changed in version .72c20
  • Shield lowered from 12500 to 11000, Hull increased from 3000 to 4000, description changed and received a loadout change in version .72c30.
  • 3 Heavy LR Lasers changed to 3 Super LR Lasers and 2 Heavy Railguns changed to 2 Heavy Siege Railguns in version .73c10.
  • 2 Super LR Lasers changed to 2 Heavy LR Lasers in version .73c10.


  • The previous Judgement model resembled a similar looking Ammarian ship from Eve Online called the Revelation.
  • Used by UNE judges.
  • The current model is similar in appearance to the Raven.
  • The original model was much smaller than the current model in-game.
  • Very similar to the Atlas in terms of health, with the Atlas being hull based and the Judgement being shield based.
  • The Decimator was added over a year after the Judgement was added, despite it being mentioned on the Judgement's old build menu description.
  • The Judgement currently has numerous disadvantages for a ship. As a result, most players, with the exception of collectors and newer players, avoid purchasing it.
Original Judgement model