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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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The Kapisi was an exclusive Carrier for those who contributed to or purchased from the Galaxy Store during the Halloween Event 2018. It is also available in the Robux tab for 6,500 Robux.


The Kapisi is a mid-sized Carrier, and a reskin of the Sakala. It has a large bridge section and two fighter bays connected by transparent pathways. Each bay feeds into a central launching area that leads to the outside of the ship. The Carrier contains 12 Bonehawk Fighters.


Like it's original counterpart, the Sakala, he interior of the Kapisi consists of a teleporter that leads straight to the ships bridge (Which is inside the hanger of the ship). If you choose not to walk onto the teleporter, you would find yourself walking down a long pathway where you can see the Bonehawks. The left side of the carrier is exactly the same as the right site, excluding the ramp to exit or enter the ship. Inside each hanger (which consist of 2 Bonehawk Fighters), there is an array of seats so that people planning to pilot the Bonehawks may have a spot to sit while the carrier warps.


  • No blind spots.
  • Quite fast and maneuverable for its size and class.
  • Very powerful Turrets that do balanced damage.
  • Many powerful Fighters.
  • Large cargo hold.
  • High health compared to most build menu carriers.
  • Fighters' DPS totals to a ridiculous 1047, the most fighter DPS of any carrier in the game.


  • Significant target for Pirates.
  • Lacks Small Turrets.
  • Bad Turret placement.
  • Extremely rare, alongside the Blizzard and the Sakala.
  • Limited event ship, putting a giant target on it.
  • Costs a TON to equip all it's fighters with AI pilots costing 3000 robux without VIP, only being beaten by the Nimitz.


  • Be sure to have teammates to make use of the Fighters.
  • When in doubt, don't use it. It is an extremely prized target for Pirates and bounty hunters.
  • Stay at the back of the fleet and take down any large ships that come near you.
  • While the Kapisi has a combined health of 43,000 it wouldn't be recommended to tank anything due to the amount of players that would target a hulled, limited Carrier.

Version History

  • Made unobtainable after the Halloween 2018 Event ended.
  • Health increased from 7000/7000 to 9000/9000 in version .68d.
  • Remodeled in version .75a5.


Bonehawk Fighter
  • Much of the roof in the back of this ship has no collision, allowing you to jump in and out of the ship through the ceiling.
  • Benboto was the first player to lose a Kapisi (lost it within the first two minutes of him spawning it for the first time). 
  • The Kapisi is a reference to the command carrier Kapisi from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.