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This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Kneall Flag.



The Kneall event is an event that started in May 28th, 2022 and concluded at June 6, 2022. It introduced new ships, a large Kneall base, and a new mini-boss.

Part 1

  • Introduced a large Kneall base "Kneall Outpost", which had an enormous amount of health and spawned large amounts of Aliens near it, that is located roughly 30k studs away from Mega Base.
  • The Kneall Prototype's spawns were enabled and spawned every 120 minutes but stopped spawning after the conclusion of Part 1.

Part 2

  • Introduced 2 new ships in the game, the Punisher-based counterpart, the Onslaught and the most well-known ship added for the event, the Annihilator.
  • Introduced the new Alien mini-boss, the Kneall Brawler, and the Devastator, which was an extremely powerful Alien Starbase which itself significantly increased the spawn rate of ships like Swarmers, Bruisers and Outriders. The Devastator base is famous for having an absolutely devastating nuke, capable of destroying entire fleets in a moment.
  • During this part there was a very significant increase in U.N.E ship spawns in public servers, this also included ships like Sovereigns, Judgements and Subjugators.
  • The Kneall Outpost was also no longer a functional Starbase but instead, was made a portal for the Kneall Fleet to come and invade from.
  • Planets were removed midway into Part 2 due to players using them as bait for Aliens to attack. Some Planet-based Quests were moved to Mega Base due to this.
  • Many Fighter-class ships' HP nerfed.

Part 3

  • Nerfed Devastator to the point where it could be soloed by a skilled player, but the loot was also nerfed from 1m+ to 248k.
  • Planets could now spawn again naturally in the map and Fighter nerfs reverted.
  • Re-released the Disruptor and Brawler in the Non-Limited Build menu.
  • Kneall Event concludes after this part.


Part 1 Ships


Part 2 Ships

Part 3 Ships


  • Kneall Core was one of the loot in Devastator, which was the material needed to build the Obliterator, and could only be obtained once via a quest. This made Obliteratornon-limited during the event.