Kneall Prototype

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

This article describes the former NPC Boss ship. For the Player-owned vessel with an almost identical appearance, see Prototype X-2

The Kneall Prototype is an Alien AI ship and is part of the Kneall Fleet.


The Kneall Prototype is a Kneall fleet ship added in the recent Alien AI update, along with a few others (like the Bruiser and Outrider).


Unlike other Kneall Ships, the Kneall Prototype will maneuver to a range of 0-500 studs away from its target. It is able to fight more effectively with this closer range allowing it to usually turn its side to the enemy.  


  • Use a Viper or a similar Frigate to distract the Turrets while Dreadnoughts and Battleships dish out heavy damage.
  • Warp to a distance after destroying this ship, as it has a very large and damaging death explosion.


  • 250 Alien Parts + materials.
  • The potential income of the total loot is about 200,000 Credits.


  • The ship has a similar model to the Prototype X-2 but it is slightly different with numerous antennas and being smaller.
  • Some people describe this as a weaker Prototype X-2 but, in fact, the Kneall Prototype's DPS is much higherthan Prototype X-2's DPS.
  • The Kneall Subcannon has poor LoS.
  • You used to be able to pilot this in Galaxy Development.
  • Only rcouret is able to spawn it along with the Kneall Fleet in Galaxy.