Kneall Scout

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Kneall Scout is an Alien AI ship and part of the Kneall Fleet.


The Kneall Scout is a Kneall fleet ship added in an Alien AI update, along with a few others (like the Bruiser and Outrider).


Moves in the same way as other Alien AI ships, warping a random amount, then turning and warping again.

Scouts will always answer a call from an Alien Punisher when it is attacking any player or Starbase. Hordes of Scouts can easily destroy Starbases, even if said Starbase is the maximum level. They will either start to scatter, go to another nearby Punisher (if there is one), or move away from the location when the Punisher they are called to is destroyed.

Scouts are more likely to attack Miners and Freighters, so stay alert and look at the Minimap often when Mining or Trading.


Almost impossible to hit with spinals, as the Scout is smaller than most ships in the game. Use AA ships like the Tempest, Ampharos, or Loyalist.

Even when using these ships, the pilot has to be at point blank range (200 studs or less) to have a high chance of actually hitting the scout. This will most likely entail warping, as the Scout is 4x as fast as the Loyalist, and 7x as fast as the Tempest.


5 Silicate, 3 Carbon, and 5 Alien parts.


  • The Scout was originally intended to be a mining drone.
  • A crashed Kneall scout can be seen in what appears to be a shield generator on Myriad III.
  • Until recently, they were one of the only two Kneall Fleet ships not to spawn randomly, with the other being the Kneall Prototype, which still doesn't randomly spawn.
  • Doesn't actually scout enemy vessels, but acts in the same way the Swarmer does.
  • After its removal, it returned in the form of 4 admin ships that share the same model: Key, Key1, Key2, and Key3.