Kneall Stronghold

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The Kneall Starbase (also known as Stronghold) is the equivalent of an Alien Starbase, from which multiple aliens spawn. The conditions for which this structure spawns are currently unknown, and it's shown on the minimap as a semi-transparent green circle.

Take extreme caution when going to the Kneall Starbase, its armament consists of an extreme multitude of laser gatlings, which can easily shred any shield in a matter of seconds. Due to their rapid fire, accuracy and range, they are also extremely effective against smaller ships.


While the actual maximum health is unknown, it was estimated to be around 35k for both Shields and Hull, making the Kneall Stronghold one of the tankiest targets in the game.

Due to its range of about 8.5k and then adding also the size of the object itself, even Siege ships may have some problems taking down a Kneall Stronghold.

One of the most common strategies applied is the use of smaller and faster ships in order to draw the Starbase fire in order for heavier ships to move in and deal damage. This may take multiple attempts.

Another strategy currently used involves the abuse of a small but useful blindspot that smaller ships can sneak into. By doing this, the Kneall Stronghold becomes basically defenseless and is an easy target to destroy for as long as the small ship remains in the blindspot.

Version History

  • Health increased substantially in version .69f
  • Temporary removed for repairs in version .69f


  • The update was announced through a lore update rather than through the main update log in the Galaxy Discord Server.
  • During the Christmas 2020 event, it was re-introduced but renamed to Santa's Stronghold and had a red color scheme in replacement of the Kneall's green colors.
  • The Kneall Stronghold is technically a Starbase, as players can dock in it. However, it is unknown what is inside, as no one has been able to dock inside it. Please update this page (with pictures) once a dock is successful