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The Kraken is a long range Dreadnought with powerful Turrets and equally powerful spinals.


The Kraken is an extremely powerful Dreadnought capable of dishing out enormous amounts of damage in a short time with its Spinals and Turrets.

This ship excels at Diving and destroying Ships with it's high alpha and long range, and powerful Spinals, as well as being excellent in Sieging.


Despite its firepower, the Kraken is one of the smallest Dreadnoughts, being about 68% longer than a Sovereign in length, but is also a very short ship in height; making for a rather small profile for a ship of its class. The Ship has two large prongs in the front and an extremely large hollow torpedo bay in the middle, as well as on the front. Its has an extremely small cabin located on top of the ship. Behind it are its two large engines with 2 Antennas sticking out on each engine. It is black and grey in color with various neon parts.

The interior is a simple cockpit with a chair and computer with one of the thumbnails for the game on it. There is a very small box with the model creator's avatar on one of the sides.


  • Decent mobility and turn speed of 0.18.
  • It can cause massive Hull damage and out-range Starbases with the Medium Torpedoes' incredible range of 10000 Studs, along with its Railguns range of 8000.
  • Very high combined health and small size for a Dreadnought make it potentially harder to destroy with heavy weapons.
  • Extremely high total damage output combined with high alpha damage makes this one of the most fearsome Dreadnought-class ships in the game, having the highest overall damage-per-second of any ship in its class as well as the highest alpha damage.
  • The turret armament, maneuverability, spinal armament, size, and health of this ship makes for an absolute monster of a dreadnought, outside of most Super Capitals, top-tier PvP Dreadnoughts like the Cyber Leviathan or Aberrant, and large swarms of small ships or fighters.
  • Balanced tank prevents vulnerability to shield or hull breakers.
  • Can still deal a relatively decent amount of damage without hitting its spinals.


  • Needs good Spinal aiming skills to prove effective.
  • No effective way of dealing with small ships like frigates, destroyers, or fighters besides warping underneath them, which may put you in danger depending on where you are.
  • Huge blind spot underneath the ship.
  • Most of its armament are incapable of hitting anything smaller than a Battlecruiser.
  • Highly targeted due to its massive cost.
  • Insanely expensive for a Dreadnought having material costs as much as Super Capital Ships and additional materials like Charybdis OCS, Kraken Armor and Advanced Systems, all of which are expensive to make on their own.


  • DO NOT overestimate your health, and always try to tank sustainably so you can keep destroying targets.
  • The Kraken is decently maneuverable for a Dreadnought, but do not go against opponents who are smaller and faster than you.
  • Always try to hit your spinals, they account for a large portion of your DPS.
  • The Kraken's Torpedoes have long range, longer than most Starbase Turrets, which make it a great ship for far-range sieging.
  • Warp in and easily steal kills with your 500 damage Medium Torpedoes and custom turrets, but take care when doing so.
  • Don't try and wait to be hulled, as it might spell death for you because you will be focused on significantly once you get hulled.
  • If you dive a big target, you can hit it with your Torpedoes easily while it is docking.
  • Use the high firepower on this ship to dive and chase down vulnerable or isolated Capital Ships.
  • Use this ship in a coordinated group of a large fleet. This allows you to destroy most non-limited Super Capitals if they attempt to attack you alone, or defend your bases very well against sieges.
  • It is recommended bring support ships with you to defend against small ships your heavy weapons cannot defend against.
  • Learn how far ahead of your targets you need to fire your torpedoes to hit them, and adjust based on their speed. Torpedoes do a lot of damage and aiming them properly can help you destroy ships much faster.
  • Know when to warp away from a fight. The Kraken is very expensive for a dreadnought, and isn’t worth losing.
  • Use this with other ships with torpedoes such as stealth ships or the Avalon to outrange the bases you siege and quickly kill anybody trying to stop you.
  • When fighting ships smaller than you such as Battlecruisers or Battleships, warp underneath them and unleash your ridiculous alpha and DPS. Be sure to turn upward and hit your phasers and torpedoes if you can for more damage.
  • Extremely Powerful for pirating because of its massive firepower and Alpha damage.
Listed costs for each of the quest items.

Version History

  • Added in .65a3.
  • In .65a6, it got its own custom Turrets.
  • In 65b, the requirements of obtaining it were increased from 4 Kodiak Armor Plates and 1 Kodiak Activator, to 10 Kodiak Armor Plates and 3 Kodiak Activators.
  • On an non-version update, the price got updated to 12 Kodiak Armor Plates and 1 Kodiak Activator (15 in total).
  • Torpedo count increased from 1 to 2 in .65b
  • Kodiak Plates and Activator removed in .66b, replaced with 265k total cost and a WH level of 18.
  • Recolored and previous loadout replaced with 4 Capital Triple Lasers and 4 Heavy Flak Cannons in version .66b.
  • 4 Heavy Flak Cannons and 2 Capital Triple Lasers changed to 4 Medium Flak Cannons and 2 Triple Heavy Lasers in version .69a1.
  • Removed from the build menu in version .69a1.
  • Received a remodel in version .70b2.
  • Turret placement changed in version .70c.
  • Medium Torpedo count increased from 3 to 4 in version .73d5
  • Shield health increased from 6500 to 6800 in unknown version.
  • Re-released to build menu with new additional material costs of 1 Weapon Part, 20 Kodiak Platings, 40 Armored Platings, and 1 Quantum Core in version .75a1(?).
  • Removed from Build Menu again in version .75a5.
  • Kraken Laser turrets changed for Kraken Multilasers, and Shield health increased from 6,800 to 7,000 in version .75a5.
  • Kraken released to the build menu again with a new extra material cost of 1 Advanced Systems, 1 Kraken Armor, and 1 Charybdis OCS; which are all items obtained via Quests, in version .75a5.
  • Explosion Size 400 ----> 800 .75a12


  • Named after the Kraken, a gargantuan sea monster described as an octopus in folklore and fantasy, known to tear apart and sink entire ships.
  • Uses the same model as the Kodiak's, but with a different color.
  • Used to be the smallest Dreadnought in the game, having the same size as some large Battlecruisers, or Battleships; until the Mantid was released.
  • The model of this ship is based on the Kraken ship from Star Conflict.
  • This ship holds the record from switching between limited ship and normal ship status for a total of three times, if you include when it was first released via a quest reward.
  • The Kraken used to only be obtainable by completing the quest Depthbreaker.
  • After the quest to obtain it was removed, the Kodiak Activator and Kodiak Armor were not removed from the game, leaving them to waste space in a few people's warehouses.
  • Used to have a huge Torpedo.
  • The Charybdis OCS quest can be found in a hole in the side of Derelict Station, The Advanced Systems quest is found in the Mega Base’s library, and the Kraken Armor quest is given by what looks to be a Naga wreck in Mega Base.
  • Ironic to its stats and notoriety, the Kraken is often treated as a high-value target rather than a threat because of its exorbitant cost.