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VIP Ship

This ship is a VIP ship and can only be obtained if you own the VIP Gamepass.

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The Lazarus is a VIP-exclusive PvP-based Dreadnought with high Shield health and firepower.


The Lazarus is a Ship with an astounding Shield health and a very balanced firepower. While not being one of the most maneuverable Dreadnoughts, it can still inflict a great deal of damage to ships of the same size or bigger thanks to its powerful Spinal Phasers and Kinetic turrets. Due to the lack of Hull, it can be heavily countered by shield-breakers.


The interior of the Lazarus is a small, very dark room containing only the pilot's seat and teleporter, and is entered via the teleporter on the back tip of the ship.


  • Overall high DPS towards both Shield and Hull, focusing mainly toward the former.
  • Triple Turrets have a fast fire rate, making it a little easier to fight smaller ships.
  • Can easily shred Battleships, other Dreadnoughts, Carriers, and even Bosses with low support.
  • Very high shield health, great for countering hull-breakers such as Ridgebreaker and Avalon.
  • Spinals fire from one point and all at once, making it easy to hit all the individual shots.
  • Great DPS if you can use your spinals, especially against easier-to-hit bosses.


  • Difficult to get full line of sight with the turrets, requiring careful angling and frequent repositioning even for larger moving targets.
  • Lacks Shield damage without the use of its Spinals.
  • Lowest Hull health of its class.
  • Multiple blind spots, most notably on the back and below.
  • Shield breakers such as the Zeus and Sagittarius will shred almost all of its health pool.
  • Sluggish speed and maneuverability.


  • The Lazarus's great DPS and immense shields makes it excellent for running into an existing battle or diving a base then escaping without the enemy knowing if you are low on health or not.
  • Deciding to escape battles with a few thousand shields is recommended to avoid being hulled. Players will certainly chase down a hulled Lazarus.
  • Treat your shield health as if it were the entire health pool, because it pretty much is. Consider half-shields to be the equivalent of "hulled" and you will live through many more tough encounters.
  • Avoid shield shredders like the Zeus or Sagittarius as they can severely damage or even kill a Lazarus with ease.
  • Be careful around Aliens, especially Punisher and Decimator as their high shield damage can tear you apart. An unsupported Punisher can be face-tanked, but if a Decimator targets you, retreat.
  • Try not to let enemy ships get under you, as you there are no turrets on the underside of the ship.

Version History

  • Made a VIP ship a few days after its release in .62a1. This change also buffed the Shield from 8240 to 8500 and nerfed the Hull from 3850 to 1250.
  • Shield increased to 9001 (from 8500), turn speed increased to 0.07 (from 0.05) in .65b
  • Received buff by replacing its Triple Heavy Cannons and Lasers with 2x Rapid Fire Lasers and 3x Rapid Fire Cannons in the "Mega update".
  • Turn speed increased from 0.07 to 0.1 in version .66b
  • Shield and Hull health increased from 9001 to 11050 and 1250 to 2000 respectively in version .68e.
  • 3 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 3 Dual Medium Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Medium Phaser firing interval reduced to 0 and received a remodel in version .70c.
  • Shields buffed to 12050 in an unknown version (only revealed in-game). (What version?)
  • Turret placement changed to improve line of sight in unknown version.
  • Lost 1 Capital Triple Cannon and given a G spinal of 4 medium cannons in version .74a.
  • Major nerf of shields, decreasing from 12500 to 10000 in version .75a.
  • Explosion Size 200 ----> 760 .75a12
  • Phasers 10 ----> 6 2x Capital Triple Laser ----> 2x Heavy Laser .75a20


  • Previously well known for having the highest DPS of all build menu Dreadnoughts, however multiple other ships of its class have gotten higher DPS since then.
  • The Lazarus currently has the second weakest hull health value for a Dreadnought-Class ship, only higher than the SR-71.
  • Frequently called 'Laz' for short.
  • The Lazarus' previous model had some major meshing issues, which are displayed below.
  • The Lazarus previous shield health of 9001 was a reference to the "over 9000" meme.
  • Like with the Sentaliz speed nerf, acceleration nerf and turn speed nerf in version .69a2, the hull increase that occurred in version .68e was not mentioned by any developer, but it's hull buff was revealed in-game.