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The Leecher is a decently fast and heavily armed Destroyer.


The Leecher is a small Destroyer with decent maneuverability and a high potential for damage. It comes Gatling lasers and Cannons, as well as Phasers and Cannons, allowing it to quickly damage both the Hull and Shield of a ship. It has two large wings with mounted thrusters, and has wing-mounted Turrets arranged in a similar fashion to the Archangel.


The interior of the Leecher is entirely comprised of its small cockpit. The only object inside the cockpit is a small, black pilot's seat with little detail.


  • Both Spinals and Turrets allow for adaptable damage.
  • Can do high damage to both shield and hull against ships either of equal or smaller size.
  • Cheap for a Destroyer.
  • Great for hunting Aliens.


  • Turrets are mounted on the bottom, limiting their ability to fire on ships approaching from above.
  • Spinals are hard to aim.
  • Below average top speed for a Destroyer. Which in certain cases, it can be easily chased and destroyed.
  • Fragile health and light weapon fire-power make it easily out-gunned by bigger ships.
  • The Defiance and Cobra are superior options in all stats, though it is a suitable starter ship.
  • Extremely slow acceleration


  • Use the Spinals and Turrets to quickly eat through enemy health. This can be especially effective with the support of other ships.
  • Move constantly to avoid being hit by enemy fire.
  • Avoid ships like the Ampharos or Tempest whose high accuracy Turrets can quickly destroy even the smallest and fastest of Fighters.
  • Outside of combat, it's a great ship for hunting down Alien Swarmers, but ALWAYS avoid the Alien Punisher for obvious reasons.

Version History

  • Massively nerfed in .62d7, reducing its health from 600 Hull and Shield to 350 of each. The Speed was nerfed from 210 to 140 and the Acceleration dropped from 30 to 11. It also lost one Phaser, and cost was dropped by a large amount.
  • Remodel by Auri#1814 .75a12


  • Has 5 forward-facing spotlights, 3 small and 2 large. Theoretically used for looking through debris or asteroid fields.
  • A fleet of these ships have destroyed a Prototype X-1.


Old Model of the Leecher (.62a1)