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The Legionnaire is a Battleship with a wide arrangement of Turrets, making it effective in both short and long range combat.


The Legionnaire is a speedy Battleship that excels at supporting larger Ships during battles. It has very powerful Spinals that allows it to wear down shield quickly and is quite maneuverable. The front hooded Spinal system is unique compared to other Ships.


You enter the interior by using a bridge on the right side of the ship that leads to two rooms. The first is empty apart from the doors to the bridge and other room. The second room has the pilot's seat in it.


  • Rather cheap for a battleship.
  • Incredibly good hull damage.
  • High Spinal damage.
  • Spinals fire all at once, instead of one after another.
  • Variety of Turrets allows it to take on small and large Ships alike.
  • One of the fastest Battleships in the Game
  • Rather small for a Battleship, making it hard to hit.
  • Very high maneuverability for a ship of its class.



  • This ship isn't that great at holding its own in a fight against bigger Ships, so try and accompany larger Ships like Dreadnoughts into battle to help them destroy the enemy.

Version History

  • Received a slight buff in version .63h.
  • Heavy Cannon changed to a Triple Heavy Cannon in .65b.
  • In .66b its was buffed, having its shields go from 2750 to 2925 and its hull from 2000 to 2350. Its speed was also buffed from 100 to 120 and its turnspeed from 0.35 to 0.45.


  • Has a very unique Spinal system.