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The Leviathan is a Dreadnought class ship, the first of its kind to be added to Galaxy.


The once (and still) infamous Leviathan features a sleek design and excellent PvP capabilities to boot.


The interior of the Leviathan is a small room containing little more than the pilot's seat and the teleporter leading in and out.



  • Mediocre Sieging capabilities.
  • Smaller Ships are a huge nuisance if the pilot isn't highly skilled or backed up by their team.
  • Only 2 Turrets on the underbelly, creating a weak spot which small ships can (and most definitely will) exploit.
  • Lesser Cargo Hold for a Dreadnought.
  • Somewhat expensive, at 252,444 credits.
  • Although good for PvP, stay away from other PvP ships like the Andromeda as it's superior firepower can easily tear you apart despite it being more fragile.


  • The Leviathan is an excellent PVP Ship. The Turret layout and maneuverability make it difficult for other large ships to stay behind you, so use this as an advantage against other opposing ships.
  • Its Maneuverability is best used for countering larger ships like Battleships and slow Dreadnoughts.
  • In a Siege, always get into the Starbase's weak spots (when partial firepower is at use) or help destroy any defenders.
  • Use your quick turn speed and speed to your advantage to make sure ships do not go under you.
  • Do not waste your spinals, more than half of your hull DPS comes from them.

Version History


  • In etymology, the Leviathan got its name from the sea monster in the scriptural accounts of Yahweh, where in the accounts it was defeated by him.
  • It was the very first Dreadnought to be added to Galaxy, entering with a Top Speed of 120, 5250 Shield health and 4500 Hull health.
  • The Leviathan is commonly seen on Galaxy Arcade as it is the cheapest Dreadnought bought with Robux (after VIP Dreadnoughts).
  • This ship's model used to be broken due to meshing issues.
  • The only Dreadnoughts faster than it as of now are the Slipstream, the Liberator and its limited Cyber Leviathan and Retro Leviathan counterparts.
  • Inside the cockpit of the Leviathan, it's possible to jump out of the top of the back.
  • The original Prototype X-1 model was initially going to be a Leviathan remodel.
  • It has ~188 shield DPS and ~159 hull DPS with its turrets alone, however, factoring in the Spinals means that a whopping ~89 hull DPS is added, making a total of 247.4 hull DPS, along with decent shield DPS.
  • The alpha damage is 1434 to hull and 1344 to shield.
  • This ship is the most remodeled Dreadnought.