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The Lich is a hull-shredding Destroyer with a lack in maneuverability.


The Lich is a Destroyer with powerful Spinals and accurate Gatling turrets but very low turn speed/maneuverability for its class. The ship resembles a Starblade with a large barrel slapped on the front. It is mostly black in color with very few team-colored parts, making it hard to identify without prior knowledge.


The Lich has very little interior aside from the pilot's seat. The seat and cockpit are made almost entirely out of a tan, marble material. There is a small marble-neon screen with three panels in front of the pilot's seat, which itself is mounted directly on the bottom thruster.


  • High Hull damage.
  • Turrets has high accuracy and fire rate.
  • Cheap for a Destroyer.
  • High spinal DPS.
  • High firepower for a Destroyer.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Turrets have good line of sight.



  • Fire Spinals as often as possible to maximize damage.
  • Avoid ships with high rate of fire Turrets like the Bastion or Ampharos.
  • Low overall health.

Version History

  • Added in .62a1
  • Top Speed increased dramatically from 68 to 125 in .65b
  • Spinals changed from 1 Medium Cannon to 2 Small Cannons and 3 Small Phasers, Turret loadout changed from 1 Gatling Laser and 1 Gatling Cannon to 2 Light Cannons and 2 Tiny Cannons, Top Speed increased to 205 from 125, turn-speed increased to 0.40 from 0.23, and shields increased to 460 from 420 in version .72c20.
  • 2 Light cannons removed, turnspeed increased from .34 to .42, acceleration changed from 22 to 28, and speed increased from 205 to 230 in an unknown version


  • Not very known to many players.