Luca Sky

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Luca Sky inside Mega Base

Luca Sky is a Quest NPC added during the Galaxy Star Wars Event alongside Billy Ray Joe.


Luca Sky used to give the player Quest #1 -- Help the Freedom Base, which required players to deliver three Medicine & Supplies to the Freedom Base

A Pirate Avenger spawned at the Freedom Base upon accepting the quest, making it harder to simply dock and sell the medicine to the station. Upon completion players were be given a few credits and, during the promotional event, the Interstellar Sunglasses. In the latest version before the quest was disabled, the Freedom Base quest gave players a reward of 300 Credits.  

Quests number 1 and 2 were disabled later on, though their respective quest NPCs still linger in the Mega Base. Both Luca Sky and Billy Ray Joe currently serve no purpose and are simply vestigial game assets no longer in use.


Luca Sky can be found inside the Mega Base between terminals C and D, beside the Alien translation board and in front of an ad display board.

Quest Dialogue

Luca Sky: "Oh this is terrible! Someone please help me!"

Player: "What's wrong?" or "I don't have time for this."

Luca Sky: "A strange plague has broken out at the Freedom Base and they need Medicine & Supplies badly."

Player: "So what's the problem?"

Luca Sky: "I tried to bring them Medicine & Supplies but some filthy pirates blew up my ship before I could get there."

Player: "Let me do it then!" or "Sorry I can't help you."

Luca Sky: "Ok good luck! You'll need to bring the Freedom Base 3 crates of Medicine & Supplies."

You have a new quest: Help the Freedom Base -- Quest #1 appears in Quest Menu

Player: "Where do I get the stuff from?" or "Goodbye!"

Luca Sky: "Ill put them in your warehouse, they are rather large so you'll need to use your Wyrm."

Note that all secondary options (those that come after "or") will end the quest dialogue at that point.