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The Lusso is a speedy luxury Cruiser.


The Lusso is a Cruiser with four Light Flak Cannons and twelve Tiny Phasers. Its Spinals fire like a minigun and reload very quickly. If you use the ship's Spinals correctly with its Flak Cannons you can do large amounts of shield and hull damage.

The Lusso is a fast ship with a top speed of 170 and a very high turn speed of 0.6. Overall, it is a good Cruiser, as it has good firepower and a great interior. Its only downside is that it's very expensive for a Cruiser. If you are not good with Spinals, you won't be able to do as much damage to shields. This ship is great for attacking smaller ships, however, it dies very quickly because this ship has low health.


The Lusso has a very luxurious-appearing (but blocky) interior, with various paintings, art-like structures, and even a relatively fancy pilot's seat.


  • Good acceleration and turn speed.
  • High damaging Spinals.
  • Great for attacking smaller ships like Frigates.
  • Good interior (If you care about that).


  • Expensive.
  • Low shield health.
  • Lack of Turrets on the bottom.
  • Without Spinals it is hard to damage shields.
  • Can't stand up to bigger ships.
  • Old, blocky modeling makes it more easy to hit.


  • Face your opponent to let all the Turrets hit him while you fire the Spinals.
  • Stay away from an enemy Starbase. It may be a fatal error without a strong ship supporting you.
  • Work with a hull shredding ship for maximum effectiveness.
  • Be sure to avoid any ship that is larger than it.

Version History

  • Small interior changes in an unknown version.
  • Turret bug fix in an unknown version.


  • The Lusso model has broken three times in-game and has needed to get fixed each time.
  • The opposite of the Sixfold, as it has 12 Phasers instead of cannons and hull based Turrets instead of laser-based, as well as the exact opposite health.
  • Featured on one of the screens at the Mega Base.
  • It has one of the best interiors in the game.