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The MLRS is a Torpedo-carrying Battlecruiser.


The MLRS is a Torpedo focused Battlecruiser. It was released on December 20th, 2018; when the Christmas Event 2018 started.


The MLRS has 2 large torpedo launchers on its back and is larger than most Battlecruisers.

The Interior is a large glass dome in the middle of the ship with a seat and 3 screens positioned in front of the seat.



  • Very vulnerable to fast, small ships as it will have a hard time hitting its Spinals and has very low turret firepower.
  • Spinals reload slowly, and have an undesirable firing interval of 1.2 seconds if you're trying to Pirate other ships.
  • Very expensive for its class.
  • The slowest Battlecruiser, slower than some Battleships.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Large size for its class.
  • Low maneuverability.


  • Use its Medium Torpedoes to heavily damage large and sluggish ships from a distance.
  • Stay in the back of the fleet and kill any small Ships that come your way, while attacking larger targets with your Spinals.
  • Use your Torpedoes to attack larger, slower moving ships such as slow-moving Battleships and Dreadnoughts, as smaller ships can evade your Torpedoes.
  • Go near targets for more accurate Torpedo hits.
  • Stay out of the range of Starbase turrets and use the small turrets to get rid of any fighters or small ships coming your way during sieges.
  • If you get targeted, you will usually be destroyed. Try to stay behind more expensive ships and don't attack directly.

Version History

  • Added in .65b.
  • Small Torpedoes buffed to Medium Torpedoes in version .65b.
  • 2 Medium Torpedoes changed to 4 Small Torpedoes, dark blue color changed to use team colors in version .71c.
  • Renamed from MRLS Launcher to MLRS in an unknown version.
  • Shield decreased from 2500 to 2000, Hull decreased from 2000 to 1000, 6 Small Torpedoes changed to 6 Medium Torpedoes with a 1.5s (says 1.6, but is also said to be 1.5; clarification required) interval, Top Speed increased from 45 to 80, Acceleration increased from 10 to 16, and Turn Speed reduced from 0.17 to 0.15 in version .75a37 (?).
  • Ship remodeled, Medium Torpedo interval reduced from 1.5 to 1.2, and Uranium material cost increased by 300 in version .75a37 (?).


  • Added during the Christmas Event 2018.
  • There is a limited remodel of this ship, named the Frozen MLRS.
  • It contains unique re-skinned missiles, however, they do the same damage as Medium Torpedoes. Its old model used to have the same missile models used on the Frozen MLRS.
  • Even though the MRLS Launcher has 6 torpedoes, it used to only fire 2 of them on its old model a long time ago.
  • The old model's back engines had a look similar to the Prototype X-2's engines.
  • A variant of the MRLS Launcher was released for free in the battlecruiser menu on March 31st for the April Fool's Event 2022. It was called the MRLS Launcher Launcher (later renamed MLMLRS). It had 251 small torpedoes and 4 Large torpedoes that did tremendous amounts of damage. It was 3 times bigger than a MRLS Launcher and had the same model. The torpedoes are small white MRLS Launchers. During that time, people used it as a mega cool troll ship. It was later stripped of its 251 small torpedoes as they were incredibly overpowered for their class.