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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Mantid is a Limited Dreadnought from the 2021 Christmas Event.


The Mantid was an Avellian Dreadnought that was obtained via a quest from a gift box in a Christmas-themed cabin that could be reached through a teleporter in the Mega Base. It is similar to the Khapri and Shadowmane in design and some traits of its armament. It's weaponry is overall balanced, sporting an array of powerful point defence laser weaponry on the bottom, and cannon weaponry on the top, as well as 4 Huge Cannons for spinals.


The Interior is simplistic; there is one long hallway with a pilot's seat and hexagonal texturing. Next to the pilot's seat there is a "Holy Glock Sniper", presumably for use in emergencies.


  • High balanced damage output makes it useful for fighting other Capital Ships.
  • Above average speed and acceleration for a Dreadnought.
  • Very small profile when facing head-on or backwards, on top of the smallest size for a Dreadnought(is less large than the Kraken, a dreadnought known partially for its rather small size); causing inaccurate and decently accurate turrets alike to often miss your ship.
  • Has a combined health pool of 12,000 health.
  • Avellian Spears are very similar to the Prototype X-1's Bombardment Cannons, except that they are PDLs; which allows this ship to hold its own against small swarms fairly well.
  • High fire-rate, especially from the Avellian Spears, which have a reload speed of just one second.
  • Good line-of-sight, and has almost no blindspots; and most turrets being able to fire from all forward-facing angles.


  • Somewhat sluggish turning compared to the speed, making it awkward for some to pilot.
  • Flatness makes you very easy to hit when being targeted from above or below.
  • No hull-based weaponry on the underbelly of the ship.
  • Spinals have a high interval, and are sometimes difficult to aim due to the ship's slow turning.
  • Limited classification means you will be targeted often.


  • Only use this ship if you are sure you will not lose it.
  • Don't attempt to fight PvP ships that can outperform you, such as the Cyber Leviathan, Frankenemi, or Azreal for example.
  • Use this to chase down hulled ships, it is effective at damaging hull.
  • Target ships that are large or sluggish, and if possible abuse their blindspots for the most effectiveness in PvP.
  • Stay where you are comfortable in fights: don't take risks, as being hulled can quickly spell doom for this ship.

Version History

  • Mantid's cargo hold was at 0 but then changed to 200 in .75a1.
  • 8 Tiny Phasers and 8 Tiny Cannons changed to 2 Large Cannons, then currently 4 Huge Cannons in version .75a1.
  • Explosion Size 250 ----> 800 .75a12


  • This ship's model is actually a modified version of one of the former rejected remodels in a modeling contest for the Lazarus, also created by ap_ek.
  • The first person to lose a Mantid was xlCamm to an Avellian Stronghold.
  • Was once unable to spawn for 3 hours due to an issue causing the turrets to not load in at all.
  • It has been rumored that rocket turrets were planned to be introduced and used for this ship, as well as other Avellian ships, however were never added due to needing rcouret for them to be properly implemented.
  • The description for this ship is in reference to how the Christmas 2021 event ended early, meaning the lore for the event was not fully completed. "auri" is referencing Preauri, one of the game's Loremasters. yname(User:Wingy) is a Developer.