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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Mantid is a Limited Dreadnought from the 2021 Christmas Event.


The Mantid is an Avellian Dreadnought that is obtained via a quest from a gift box in the Mega Base, similar to the Khapri and Shadowmane. Its turret armament is relatively balanced(though biased toward shield damage), although lacking reliable accuracy against against ships smaller than Battleships. It is also equipped with Huge Cannon spinals that balance the bias towards shield damage and allow the Mantid to tear apart the hull of crippled ships.


The Interior is simplistic; there is one long hallway with a pilot's seat and hexagonal texturing. Next to the pilot's seat there is a "Holy Glock Sniper", presumably for use in emergencies.


  • Somewhat balanced turret firepower, coupled with effective kinetic firepower from the spinals.
  • Above average speed for a Dreadnought.
  • Very small profile when facing head-on or backwards, causing inaccurate turrets to often miss your ship.
  • An average health pool of 12,000 health.
  • Hull shredder.
  • 200 Cargo Hold.


  • Inaccurate turrets, and somewhat sluggish turning; making for an easily swarmed ship.
  • Mediocre shield damage in comparison to hull damage.
  • Limited classification means you will be targeted often.
  • While it is cheap in comparison to other Limited Dreadnoughts in the past, it is still quite expensive.


  • Only use this ship if you are sure you will not lose it.
  • Try to only target ships with a decently sized profile, as attempting to target fast or small ships will result in your turrets missing instead of hitting your target.
  • Use this to chase down hulled ships, it is effective at damaging hull.
  • Target shield based ships such as the Judgement, and get under its blindspot.

Version History

  • Mantid’s cargo hold was at 0 but then changed to 200 in .75a1.
  • 8 Tiny Phasers and 8 Tiny Cannons changed to 2 Large Cannons, then currently 4 Huge Cannons in version .75a1.


  • This ship's model is actually one of the former rejected remodels in a modeling contest for the Lazarus.
  • The first person to lose a Mantid was xlCamm to an Alien Avellian Stronghold.
  • Was once unable to spawn for 3 hours due to the Turrets issue